📒We Are Market Basket ✍ Daniel Korschun

♠Book Title : We Are Market Basket
✍Author : Daniel Korschun
♛Publisher : AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn
♣Release Date : 2015-08-15
✿Pages : 256
♠ISBN : 9780814436684
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝We Are Market Basket Book Synopsis : Winner of the 800-CEO-READ award for best general business book of the year! Forbes’s 15 Best Business Books of 2015 What if a company were so treasured and trusted that people literally took to the streets—by the thousands—to save it? That company is Market Basket, a popular New England supermarket chain. After long-time CEO Arthur T. Demoulas was ousted by his cousin Arthur S. Demoulas, the company's managers and rank-and-file workers struck back. Risking their own livelihoods to restore the job of their beloved boss they walked out, but they didn't walk far. At huge protest rallies, they were joined by loyal customers—leaving stores empty. Suppliers and vendors stopped deliveries—rendering shelves bare. Politicians were forced to take sides. The national media and experts were stunned by the unprecedented defense of an executive. All openly challenged the Market Basket board of directors to make things right. And, in the end, they prevailed. With its arresting firsthand accounts from the streets and executive suites, We Are Market Basket is as inspiring as it is instructive. What is it about Market Basket and its leader that provokes such ferocious loyalty? How does a company spread across three states maintain a culture that embraces everyone—from cashier to customer—as family? Can a company really become an industry leader by prioritizing stakeholders over shareholders? Set against a backdrop of bad blood and corporate greed, We Are Market Basket is, above all, a page-turner that chronicles the epic rise, fall, and redemption of this iconic and uniquely American company. Note: There are links to media content within the text of this EBook which may not work on all reading devices.

♠Book Title : R Machine Learning By Example
✍Author : Raghav Bali
♛Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
♣Release Date : 2016-03-31
✿Pages : 340
♠ISBN : 9781784392635
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝R Machine Learning By Example Book Synopsis : Understand the fundamentals of machine learning with R and build your own dynamic algorithms to tackle complicated real-world problems successfully About This Book Get to grips with the concepts of machine learning through exciting real-world examples Visualize and solve complex problems by using power-packed R constructs and its robust packages for machine learning Learn to build your own machine learning system with this example-based practical guide Who This Book Is For If you are interested in mining useful information from data using state-of-the-art techniques to make data-driven decisions, this is a go-to guide for you. No prior experience with data science is required, although basic knowledge of R is highly desirable. Prior knowledge in machine learning would be helpful but is not necessary. What You Will Learn Utilize the power of R to handle data extraction, manipulation, and exploration techniques Use R to visualize data spread across multiple dimensions and extract useful features Explore the underlying mathematical and logical concepts that drive machine learning algorithms Dive deep into the world of analytics to predict situations correctly Implement R machine learning algorithms from scratch and be amazed to see the algorithms in action Write reusable code and build complete machine learning systems from the ground up Solve interesting real-world problems using machine learning and R as the journey unfolds Harness the power of robust and optimized R packages to work on projects that solve real-world problems in machine learning and data science In Detail Data science and machine learning are some of the top buzzwords in the technical world today. From retail stores to Fortune 500 companies, everyone is working hard to making machine learning give them data-driven insights to grow their business. With powerful data manipulation features, machine learning packages, and an active developer community, R empowers users to build sophisticated machine learning systems to solve real-world data problems. This book takes you on a data-driven journey that starts with the very basics of R and machine learning and gradually builds upon the concepts to work on projects that tackle real-world problems. You'll begin by getting an understanding of the core concepts and definitions required to appreciate machine learning algorithms and concepts. Building upon the basics, you will then work on three different projects to apply the concepts of machine learning, following current trends and cover major algorithms as well as popular R packages in detail. These projects have been neatly divided into six different chapters covering the worlds of e-commerce, finance, and social-media, which are at the very core of this data-driven revolution. Each of the projects will help you to understand, explore, visualize, and derive insights depending upon the domain and algorithms. Through this book, you will learn to apply the concepts of machine learning to deal with data-related problems and solve them using the powerful yet simple language, R. Style and approach The book is an enticing journey that starts from the very basics to gradually pick up pace as the story unfolds. Each concept is first defined in the larger context of things succinctly, followed by a detailed explanation of their application. Each topic is explained with the help of a project that solves a real real-world problem involving hands-on work thus giving you a deep insight into the world of machine learning.

📒Mining Of Massive Datasets ✍ Jure Leskovec

♠Book Title : Mining of Massive Datasets
✍Author : Jure Leskovec
♛Publisher : Cambridge University Press
♣Release Date : 2014-11-13
✿Pages : 476
♠ISBN : 9781107077232
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Mining of Massive Datasets Book Synopsis : Now in its second edition, this book focuses on practical algorithms for mining data from even the largest datasets.

📒How To Shop For Free ✍ Kathy Spencer

♠Book Title : How to Shop for Free
✍Author : Kathy Spencer
♛Publisher : ReadHowYouWant.com
♣Release Date : 2011-02-01
✿Pages : 336
♠ISBN : 9781459611054
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝How to Shop for Free Book Synopsis : A veteran super-shopper reveals her strategies for finding insider deals and leveraging coupons and promotions to get many shopping items for free.

♠Book Title : R for Marketing Research and Analytics
✍Author : Chris Chapman
♛Publisher : Springer
♣Release Date : 2015-03-09
✿Pages : 454
♠ISBN : 9783319144368
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝R for Marketing Research and Analytics Book Synopsis : This book is a complete introduction to the power of R for marketing research practitioners. The text describes statistical models from a conceptual point of view with a minimal amount of mathematics, presuming only an introductory knowledge of statistics. Hands-on chapters accelerate the learning curve by asking readers to interact with R from the beginning. Core topics include the R language, basic statistics, linear modeling, and data visualization, which is presented throughout as an integral part of analysis. Later chapters cover more advanced topics yet are intended to be approachable for all analysts. These sections examine logistic regression, customer segmentation, hierarchical linear modeling, market basket analysis, structural equation modeling, and conjoint analysis in R. The text uniquely presents Bayesian models with a minimally complex approach, demonstrating and explaining Bayesian methods alongside traditional analyses for analysis of variance, linear models, and metric and choice-based conjoint analysis. With its emphasis on data visualization, model assessment, and development of statistical intuition, this book provides guidance for any analyst looking to develop or improve skills in R for marketing applications.

📒Database Marketing ✍ Robert C. Blattberg

♠Book Title : Database Marketing
✍Author : Robert C. Blattberg
♛Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
♣Release Date : 2010-02-26
✿Pages : 872
♠ISBN : 9780387725796
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Database Marketing Book Synopsis : Database marketing is at the crossroads of technology, business strategy, and customer relationship management. Enabled by sophisticated information and communication systems, today’s organizations have the capacity to analyze customer data to inform and enhance every facet of the enterprise—from branding and promotion campaigns to supply chain management to employee training to new product development. Based on decades of collective research, teaching, and application in the field, the authors present the most comprehensive treatment to date of database marketing, integrating theory and practice. Presenting rigorous models, methodologies, and techniques (including data collection, field testing, and predictive modeling), and illustrating them through dozens of examples, the authors cover the full spectrum of principles and topics related to database marketing. "This is an excellent in-depth overview of both well-known and very recent topics in customer management models. It is an absolute must for marketers who want to enrich their knowledge on customer analytics." (Peter C. Verhoef, Professor of Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen) "A marvelous combination of relevance and sophisticated yet understandable analytical material. It should be a standard reference in the area for many years." (Don Lehmann, George E. Warren Professor of Business, Columbia Business School) "The title tells a lot about the book's approach—though the cover reads, "database," the content is mostly about customers and that's where the real-world action is. Most enjoyable is the comprehensive story – in case after case – which clearly explains what the analysis and concepts really mean. This is an essential read for those interested in database marketing, customer relationship management and customer optimization." (Richard Hochhauser, President and CEO, Harte-Hanks, Inc.) "In this tour de force of careful scholarship, the authors canvass the ever expanding literature on database marketing. This book will become an invaluable reference or text for anyone practicing, researching, teaching or studying the subject." (Edward C. Malthouse, Theodore R. and Annie Laurie Sills Associate Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University)

♠Book Title : Mastering Machine Learning with R
✍Author : Cory Lesmeister
♛Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
♣Release Date : 2015-10-28
✿Pages : 400
♠ISBN : 9781783984534
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Mastering Machine Learning with R Book Synopsis : Master machine learning techniques with R to deliver insights for complex projects About This Book Get to grips with the application of Machine Learning methods using an extensive set of R packages Understand the benefits and potential pitfalls of using machine learning methods Implement the numerous powerful features offered by R with this comprehensive guide to building an independent R-based ML system Who This Book Is For If you want to learn how to use R's machine learning capabilities to solve complex business problems, then this book is for you. Some experience with R and a working knowledge of basic statistical or machine learning will prove helpful. What You Will Learn Gain deep insights to learn the applications of machine learning tools to the industry Manipulate data in R efficiently to prepare it for analysis Master the skill of recognizing techniques for effective visualization of data Understand why and how to create test and training data sets for analysis Familiarize yourself with fundamental learning methods such as linear and logistic regression Comprehend advanced learning methods such as support vector machines Realize why and how to apply unsupervised learning methods In Detail Machine learning is a field of Artificial Intelligence to build systems that learn from data. Given the growing prominence of R—a cross-platform, zero-cost statistical programming environment—there has never been a better time to start applying machine learning to your data. The book starts with introduction to Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining. It takes you through Multivariate Regression in detail. Moving on, you will also address Classification and Regression trees. You will learn a couple of “Unsupervised techniques”. Finally, the book will walk you through text analysis and time series. The book will deliver practical and real-world solutions to problems and variety of tasks such as complex recommendation systems. By the end of this book, you will gain expertise in performing R machine learning and will be able to build complex ML projects using R and its packages. Style and approach This is a book explains complicated concepts with easy to follow theory and real-world, practical applications. It demonstrates the power of R and machine learning extensively while highlighting the constraints.

📒Design To Grow ✍ David Butler

♠Book Title : Design to Grow
✍Author : David Butler
♛Publisher : Penguin UK
♣Release Date : 2015-02-10
✿Pages : 256
♠ISBN : 9780241198391
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Design to Grow Book Synopsis : Tomorrow's business winners need two things: scale and agility. The answer to both is design. For over a century, The Coca-Cola Company has used design to scale its flagship brand to over 200 countries. And in recent years it has sustained that growth while becoming even more agile - something most established businesses struggle with. In Design to Grow, Coca-Cola's vice president of Innovation and Entrepreneurship David Butler gives an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at Coca-Cola's design-led strategy for growth. He shows how any business can use the same approach to get to the next level. Clear and actionable, this book is a must-read for leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs. 'A handy blueprint for how any company can use design to stay ahead of the competition' The Times 'Reading Design to Grow has caused me to think differently about my company. I am confident it will do the same for how you think about yours' Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO

📒Basket Case ✍ Carl Hiaasen

♠Book Title : Basket Case
✍Author : Carl Hiaasen
♛Publisher : Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
♣Release Date : 2002-01-08
✿Pages : 336
♠ISBN : 037541441X
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Basket Case Book Synopsis : A rollicking and hilarious novel from the bestselling author of Bad Monkey and Razor Girl. Jack Tagger’s years in exile at the obituaries desk of a South Florida daily haven’t dulled his investigative reporter’s nose for a good story. When Jimmy Stoma, the infamous front man of Jimmy and the Slut Puppies, dies in a fishy scuba accident, Jack sees his ticket back to page one—if only he can figure out what really happened. Standing in his way are, just for starters, his ambitious young editor, who hasn’t yet fired anyone but plans to “break her cherry” on Jack; the rock star’s pop-singer widow, who’s using the occasion of her husband’s death to relaunch her own career; and the soulless, profit-hungry owner of the newspaper, whom Jack once publicly humiliated at a stockholders’ meeting. Following clues from the late rock singer’s own music, Jack tries to unravel the lies surrounding Jimmy Stoma’s strange fate.

📒The Vine Basket ✍ Josanne La Valley

♠Book Title : The Vine Basket
✍Author : Josanne La Valley
♛Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
♣Release Date : 2013-04-02
✿Pages : 256
♠ISBN : 9780547848051
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Vine Basket Book Synopsis : Things aren’t looking good for fourteen-year-old Mehrigul. She yearns to be in school, but she’s needed on the family farm. The longer she’s out of school, the more likely it is that she’ll be sent off to a Chinese factory . . . perhaps never to return. Her only hope is an American woman who buys one of her decorative vine baskets for a staggering sum and says she will return in three weeks for more. Mehrigul must brave terrible storms, torn-up hands from working the fields, and her father’s scorn to get the baskets done. The stakes are high, and time is passing. A powerful intergenerational story of a strong, creative young artist in a cruelly oppressive society.

📒Return To Glory ✍ Matthew DeBord

♠Book Title : Return to Glory
✍Author : Matthew DeBord
♛Publisher : Atlantic Monthly Press
♣Release Date : 2017-06-06
✿Pages : 272
♠ISBN : 9780802189554
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Return to Glory Book Synopsis : In January, 2015 at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford unveiled a new car and the automotive world lost its collective mind. This wasn’t some new Explorer or Focus. Onto the stage rolled a supercar, a carbon-fiber GT powered by a mid-mounted six cylinder Ecoboost engine that churned out over 600 horsepower. It was sexy, jaw dropping, but more than that, it was historic, a callback to the legendary Ford GT40 Mk IIs that stuck it to Ferrari and finished 1-2-3 at Le Mans in 1966. Detroit was back, and Ford was going back to Le Mans. Journalist Matthew DeBord has been covering the auto industry for years, and in Return to Glory, he tells the recent story of Ford. A decade ago, CEO Alan Mulally took over the iconic company, and thanks to a financial gamble and his “One Ford” plan, helped it weather the financial crisis and a stock price that plunged to $1 a share, without a government bailout. It was enough for the company to dream of repeating racing history. DeBord revisits the story of the 1960s, details the creation of the new GT, and follows the team through the racing season, from an inauspicious debut at Daytona where the cars kept breaking down, to glimmers of hope at Sebring, and the team’s first victory at Laguna Seca in Monterey. Finally, DeBord joins the Ford team in Le Mans in June, 2016. This fabled 24-hour endurance race is designed to break cars and drivers, and it was at Le Mans, fifty years after the company’s greatest triumph, that Ford’s comeback was put to the ultimate test.

📒The Book Of Khartoum ✍ Ali al-Makk

♠Book Title : The Book of Khartoum
✍Author : Ali al-Makk
♛Publisher : Comma Press
♣Release Date : 2016-04-28
✿Pages : 96
♠ISBN : 9781905583720
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Book of Khartoum Book Synopsis : Khartoum, according to one theory, takes its name from the Beja word hartooma, meaning meeting place . Geographically, culturally and historically, the Sudanese capital is certainly that: a meeting place of the Blue and White Niles, a confluence of Arabic and African histories, and a destination point for countless refugees displaced by Sudan s long, troubled history of forced migration. In the pages of this book the first major anthology of Sudanese stories to be translated into English the city also stands as a meeting place for ideas: where the promise and glamour of the big city meets its tough social realities; where traces of a colonial past are still visible in day-to-day life; where the dreams of a young boy, playing in his fathers shop, act out a future that may one day be his. Diverse literary styles also come together here: the political satire of Ahmed al-Malik; the surrealist poetics of Bushra al-Fadil; the social realism of the first postcolonial authors; and the lyrical abstraction of the new Iksir generation. As with any great city, it is from these complex tensions that the best stories begin. "An exciting, long-awaited collection showcasing some of Sudan's finest writers. There is urgency behind the deceptively languorous voices and a piercing vitality to the shorter forms. These writers lay claim over the contradictions and fusions of the capital city - Nile and drought, urbanization and village ties, what is African and what is Arab." - Leila Aboulela

📒Simple Matters ✍ Erin Boyle

♠Book Title : Simple Matters
✍Author : Erin Boyle
♛Publisher : Abrams
♣Release Date : 2016-01-12
✿Pages : 192
♠ISBN : 9781613128824
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Simple Matters Book Synopsis : For anyone looking to declutter, organize, and simplify, author Erin Boyle shares practical guidance and personal insights on small-space living and conscious consumption. At once pragmatic and philosophical, Simple Matters is a nod to the growing consensus that living simply and purposefully is more sustainable not only for the environment, but for our own happiness and well-being, too. Boyle embraces the notion that "living small" is beneficial and accessible to us all—whether we're renting a tiny apartment or purchasing a three-story house. Filled with personal essays, projects, and helpful advice on how to be inventive and resourceful in a tight space, Simple Matters shows that living simply is about making do with less and ending up with more: more free time, more time with loved ones, more savings, and more things of beauty.

📒Retail Analytics ✍ Emmett Cox

♠Book Title : Retail Analytics
✍Author : Emmett Cox
♛Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
♣Release Date : 2011-10-18
✿Pages : 176
♠ISBN : 9781118099841
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Retail Analytics Book Synopsis : The inside scoop on boosting sales through spot-on analytics Retailers collect a huge amount of data, but don't know what to do with it. Retail Analytics not only provides a broad understanding of retail, but also shows how to put accumulated data to optimal use. Each chapter covers a different focus of the retail environment, from retail basics and organization structures to common retail database designs. Packed with case studies and examples, this book insightfully reveals how you can begin using your business data as a strategic advantage. Helps retailers and analysts to use analytics to sell more merchandise Provides fact-based analytic strategies that can be replicated with the same success the author achieved on a global level Reveals how retailers can begin using their data as a strategic advantage Includes examples from many retail departments illustrating successful use of data and analytics Analytics is the wave of the future. Put your data to strategic use with the proven guidance found in Retail Analytics.

♠Book Title : Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel
✍Author : Gordon S. Linoff
♛Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
♣Release Date : 2015-12-03
✿Pages : 792
♠ISBN : 9781119021445
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel Book Synopsis : A practical guide to data mining using SQL and Excel Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel, 2nd Edition shows you how to leverage the two most popular tools for data query and analysis—SQL and Excel—to perform sophisticated data analysis without the need for complex and expensive data mining tools. Written by a leading expert on business data mining, this book shows you how to extract useful business information from relational databases. You'll learn the fundamental techniques before moving into the "where" and "why" of each analysis, and then learn how to design and perform these analyses using SQL and Excel. Examples include SQL and Excel code, and the appendix shows how non-standard constructs are implemented in other major databases, including Oracle and IBM DB2/UDB. The companion website includes datasets and Excel spreadsheets, and the book provides hints, warnings, and technical asides to help you every step of the way. Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel, 2nd Edition shows you how to perform a wide range of sophisticated analyses using these simple tools, sparing you the significant expense of proprietary data mining tools like SAS. Understand core analytic techniques that work with SQL and Excel Ensure your analytic approach gets you the results you need Design and perform your analysis using SQL and Excel Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel, 2nd Edition shows you how to best use the tools you already know to achieve expert results.

♠Book Title : Inside Intel Text Only
✍Author : Tim Jackson
♛Publisher : HarperCollins UK
♣Release Date : 2017-01-31
✿Pages : 448
♠ISBN : 9780008240615
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Inside Intel Text Only Book Synopsis : Originally published in 1997 and now available as an ebook. The first book on ‘the most profitable company on earth’, by the bestselling author of Virgin King. This edition does not include illustrations.

♠Book Title : Advances in Knowledge Discovery in Databases
✍Author : Animesh Adhikari
♛Publisher : Springer
♣Release Date : 2014-12-27
✿Pages : 370
♠ISBN : 9783319132129
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Advances in Knowledge Discovery in Databases Book Synopsis : This book presents recent advances in Knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) with a focus on the areas of market basket database, time-stamped databases and multiple related databases. Various interesting and intelligent algorithms are reported on data mining tasks. A large number of association measures are presented, which play significant roles in decision support applications. This book presents, discusses and contrasts new developments in mining time-stamped data, time-based data analyses, the identification of temporal patterns, the mining of multiple related databases, as well as local patterns analysis.

📒Machine Learning In Java ✍ Bostjan Kaluza

♠Book Title : Machine Learning in Java
✍Author : Bostjan Kaluza
♛Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
♣Release Date : 2016-04-29
✿Pages : 258
♠ISBN : 9781784390365
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Machine Learning in Java Book Synopsis : Design, build, and deploy your own machine learning applications by leveraging key Java machine learning libraries About This Book Develop a sound strategy to solve predictive modelling problems using the most popular machine learning Java libraries Explore a broad variety of data processing, machine learning, and natural language processing through diagrams, source code, and real-world applications Packed with practical advice and tips to help you get to grips with applied machine learning Who This Book Is For If you want to learn how to use Java's machine learning libraries to gain insight from your data, this book is for you. It will get you up and running quickly and provide you with the skills you need to successfully create, customize, and deploy machine learning applications in real life. You should be familiar with Java programming and data mining concepts to make the most of this book, but no prior experience with data mining packages is necessary. What You Will Learn Understand the basic steps of applied machine learning and how to differentiate among various machine learning approaches Discover key Java machine learning libraries, what each library brings to the table, and what kind of problems each are able to solve Learn how to implement classification, regression, and clustering Develop a sustainable strategy for customer retention by predicting likely churn candidates Build a scalable recommendation engine with Apache Mahout Apply machine learning to fraud, anomaly, and outlier detection Experiment with deep learning concepts, algorithms, and the toolbox for deep learning Write your own activity recognition model for eHealth applications using mobile sensors In Detail As the amount of data continues to grow at an almost incomprehensible rate, being able to understand and process data is becoming a key differentiator for competitive organizations. Machine learning applications are everywhere, from self-driving cars, spam detection, document search, and trading strategies, to speech recognition. This makes machine learning well-suited to the present-day era of Big Data and Data Science. The main challenge is how to transform data into actionable knowledge. Machine Learning in Java will provide you with the techniques and tools you need to quickly gain insight from complex data. You will start by learning how to apply machine learning methods to a variety of common tasks including classification, prediction, forecasting, market basket analysis, and clustering. Moving on, you will discover how to detect anomalies and fraud, and ways to perform activity recognition, image recognition, and text analysis. By the end of the book, you will explore related web resources and technologies that will help you take your learning to the next level. By applying the most effective machine learning methods to real-world problems, you will gain hands-on experience that will transform the way you think about data. Style and approach This is a practical tutorial that uses hands-on examples to step through some real-world applications of machine learning. Without shying away from the technical details, you will explore machine learning with Java libraries using clear and practical examples. You will explore how to prepare data for analysis, choose a machine learning method, and measure the success of the process.

📒The Aisles Have Eyes ✍ Joseph Turow

♠Book Title : The Aisles Have Eyes
✍Author : Joseph Turow
♛Publisher : Yale University Press
♣Release Date : 2017-01-17
✿Pages : 352
♠ISBN : 9780300225075
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Aisles Have Eyes Book Synopsis : A revealing and surprising look at the ways that aggressive consumer advertising and tracking, already pervasive online, are coming to a retail store near you By one expert s prediction, within twenty years half of Americans will have body implants that tell retailers how they feel about specific products as they browse their local stores. The notion may be outlandish, but it reflects executives drive to understand shoppers in the aisles with the same obsessive detail that they track us online. In fact, a hidden surveillance revolution is already taking place inside brick-and-mortar stores, where Americans still do most of their buying. Drawing on his interviews with retail executives, analysis of trade publications, and experiences at insider industry meetings, advertising and digital studies expert Joseph Turow pulls back the curtain on these trends, showing how a new hyper-competitive generation of merchants including Macy s, Target, and Walmart is already using data mining, in-store tracking, and predictive analytics to change the way we buy, undermine our privacy, and define our reputations. Eye-opening and timely, Turow s book is essential reading to understand the future of shopping.

📒Data Algorithms ✍ Mahmoud Parsian

♠Book Title : Data Algorithms
✍Author : Mahmoud Parsian
♛Publisher : O'Reilly Media
♣Release Date : 2015-05-23
✿Pages : 778
♠ISBN : 1491906189
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Data Algorithms Book Synopsis : Learn the algorithms and tools you need to build MapReduce applications with Hadoop and Spark for processing gigabyte, terabyte, or petabyte-sized datasets on clusters of commodity hardware. With this practical book, author Mahmoud Parsian, head of the big data team at Illumina, takes you step-by-stepthrough the design of machine-learning algorithms, such as Naive Bayes and Markov Chain, and shows you how apply them to clinical and biological datasets, using MapReduce design patterns. Apply MapReduce algorithms to clinical and biological data, such as DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq Use the most relevant regression/analytical algorithms used for different biological data types Apply t-test, joins, top-10, and correlation algorithms using MapReduce/Hadoop and Spark

📒Code Name Ginger ✍ Steve Kemper

♠Book Title : Code Name Ginger
✍Author : Steve Kemper
♛Publisher : Harvard Business Press
♣Release Date : 2003
✿Pages : 319
♠ISBN : 1578516730
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Code Name Ginger Book Synopsis : Chronicles the journey behind Dean Kamen's invention of an electric-powered human transporter, explaining the machine's innovative engineering and relationships with investors.