📒Zoology Coloring Boo ✍ Lawrence M. Elson

✍Author : Lawrence M. Elson
♛Publisher : Harper Collins
♣Release Date : 1982-04-21
✿Pages : 240
♠ISBN : 9780064603010
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝ZOOLOGY COLORING BOO Book Synopsis : For high school biology students and college zoology students, as well as for all students of nature, this coloring book teaches the structure and function of the major animal groups, from simple to complex. Brief, informative texts accompany each drawing.

♠Book Title : The Anatomy Coloring Book
✍Author : Wynn Kapit
♛Publisher : Pearson Higher Ed
♣Release Date : 2014-05-06
✿Pages : 384
♠ISBN : 9780133926989
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Anatomy Coloring Book Book Synopsis : This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. Why use this coloring book? For more than 35 years, The Anatomy Coloring Book has been the #1 best-selling human anatomy coloring book! A useful tool for anyone with an interest in learning anatomical structures, this concisely written text features precise, extraordinary hand-drawn figures that were crafted especially for easy coloring and interactive study. Organized according to body systems, each of the 162 two-page spreads featured in this book includes an ingenious color-key system where anatomical terminology is linked to detailed illustrations of the structures of the body. When you color to learn with The Anatomy Coloring Book, you make visual associations with key terminology, and assimilate information while engaging in kinesthetic learning. Studying anatomy is made easy and fun! The Fourth Edition features user-friendly two-page spreads with enlarged art, clearer, more concise text descriptions, and new boldface headings that make this classic coloring book accessible to a wider range of learners.

📒The Biology Coloring Book ✍ Robert D. Griffin

♠Book Title : The Biology Coloring Book
✍Author : Robert D. Griffin
♛Publisher : Harper Collins
♣Release Date : 1986-09-10
✿Pages : 256
♠ISBN : 9780064603072
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Biology Coloring Book Book Synopsis : Readers experience for themselves how the coloring of a carefully designed picture almost magically creates understanding. Indispensable for every biology student.

📒The Microbiology Coloring Book ✍ I. Edward Alcamo

♠Book Title : The Microbiology Coloring Book
✍Author : I. Edward Alcamo
♛Publisher : Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company
♣Release Date : 1996
✿Pages : 242
♠ISBN : 0060419253
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Microbiology Coloring Book Book Synopsis : A dynamic and highly effective learning tool, this science coloring book provides an ingenious way for students of all ages to have fun while learning about microbes, viruses, and other microbiology concepts.

♠Book Title : Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book
✍Author : SAUNDERS
♛Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
♣Release Date : 2015-03-12
✿Pages : 288
♠ISBN : 9781455776849
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book Book Synopsis : Color your way to a complete mastery of veterinary anatomy with Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book, 2nd Edition. Approximately 400 easy-to-color illustrations and corresponding anatomical descriptions guide you through the head, neck, back, thorax, abdomen, extremities, reproductive organs, and many more body parts of dogs, cats, horses, pigs, cows, goats, and birds. Plus, a new section on exotics takes you through the anatomy of ferrets, rodents, rabbits, snakes, and lizards to ensure you are well versed in all potential household pets. With this vivid change-of-pace study tool, you have the freedom to master veterinary anatomy in a fun and memorable way. Over 400 easy-to-color illustrations created by expert medical illustrators shows anatomy in detail and makes it easy to identify specific structures for an entertaining way to learn veterinary anatomy. Regional section organization (the head and ventral neck; neck, back, and vertebral column; thorax; abdomen; pelvis and reproductive organs; forelimb; and hindlimb) allows students to easily compare the anatomy of multiple species. Numbered lead lines clearly identify structures to be colored and correspond to a numbered list beneath the illustration. NEW! Section on exotics covers the anatomy of ferrets, rodents, rabbits, snakes and lizards in addition to the anatomy of dogs, cats, horses, pigs, cows, goats, and birds.

📒Botany Coloring Book ✍ Paul Young

♠Book Title : Botany Coloring Book
✍Author : Paul Young
♛Publisher : Collins Reference
♣Release Date : 1982-04-21
✿Pages : 224
♠ISBN : 0064603024
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Botany Coloring Book Book Synopsis : An exciting new approach to learning about botany. Teaches the structure and function of plants and surveys the entire plant kingdom.

📒Zoology ✍ Stephen Miller

♠Book Title : Zoology
✍Author : Stephen Miller
♛Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education
♣Release Date : 2009-09-08
✿Pages : 608
♠ISBN : 0073028207
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Zoology Book Synopsis : The 8th edition of Zoology continues to offer students an introductory general zoology text that is manageable in size and adaptable to a variety of course formats. It is a principles-oriented text written for the non-majors or the combined course, presented at the freshman and sophomore level. Zoology is organized into three parts. Part One covers the common life processes, including cell and tissue structure and function, the genetic basis of evolution, and the evolutionary and ecological principles that unify all life. Part Two is the survey of protists and animals, emphasizing evolutionary and ecological relationships, aspects of animal organization that unite major animal phyla, and animal adaptations. Part Three covers animal form and function using a comparative approach. This approach includes descriptions and full-color artwork that depict evolutionary changes in the structure and function of selected organ systems.

📒Zoology For Kids ✍ Josh Hestermann

♠Book Title : Zoology for Kids
✍Author : Josh Hestermann
♛Publisher : Chicago Review Press
♣Release Date : 2015-03-01
✿Pages : 144
♠ISBN : 9781613749647
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Zoology for Kids Book Synopsis : “Packed with facts and photos, Zoology for Kids is a vibrant introduction to zoology that also provides inspiration for career options and activities to help children further explore and apply what they have learned.” —Liesl Pimentel, manager of education and formal programs, Phoenix Zoo Zoology for Kids invites young animal lovers to discover the animal kingdom through clear, entertaining information and anecdotes and hands-on activities. Part 1 introduces the science of zoology, discussing animals’ forms, functions, and behaviors as well as the history behind zoos and aquariums. Kids bake edible animal cells, play a dolphin-echolocation game, and design an exhibit. Part 2 offers an insider’s look at how zoologists apply their knowledge every day. Kids peek into the world of zookeepers and aquarists, veterinarians, wildlife researchers, and conservationists. They “train” their friends, mold a tiger’s jawbone, and perform field research in their own backyard. Animal enthusiasts come away with new knowledge, a healthy respect for the animal kingdom, and the idea that they can pursue animal-related careers and make a difference to preserve and protect the natural world. Josh Hestermann is a marine-mammal keeper and trainer at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois. Bethanie Hestermann is a freelance writer and contributing writer and editor at large at Connected World magazine. They live in Brookfield, Illinois. Martin and Chris Kratt, the Kratt Brothers, are the creators and cohosts of the PBS Kids series Wild Kratts, Kratts Creatures, and Zoboomafoo.

♠Book Title : Saunders Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book
✍Author : Baljit Singh
♛Publisher : Saunders
♣Release Date : 2010-02
✿Pages : 248
♠ISBN : 1437714390
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Saunders Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book Book Synopsis : "...covers canine, feline, equine, porcine, ruminant and avian anatomy"-- P. iii.

📒Biology Coloring Workbook ✍ I. Edward Alcamo

♠Book Title : Biology Coloring Workbook
✍Author : I. Edward Alcamo
♛Publisher : The Princeton Review
♣Release Date : 1998
✿Pages : 327
♠ISBN : 0679778845
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Biology Coloring Workbook Book Synopsis : Following in the successful footsteps of the "Anatomy" and the "Physiology Coloring Workbook", The Princeton Review introduces two new coloring workbooks to the line. Each book features 125 plates of computer-generated, state-of-the-art, precise, original artwork--perfect for students enrolled in allied health and nursing courses, psychology and neuroscience, and elementary biology and anthropology courses.

♠Book Title : Human Anatomy Coloring Book
✍Author : Margaret Matt
♛Publisher : Courier Corporation
♣Release Date : 1982
✿Pages : 43
♠ISBN : 9780486241388
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Human Anatomy Coloring Book Book Synopsis : Including numerous views, cross-sections, and other diagrams, this entertaining instruction guide includes careful, scientifically accurate line renderings of the body's organs and major systems: skeletal, muscular, nervous, reproductive, and more. Each remarkably clear and detailed illustration is accompanied by concise, informative text and suggestions for coloring. 43 plates.

📒The Human Evolution Coloring Book 2e ✍ Coloring Concepts Inc.

♠Book Title : The Human Evolution Coloring Book 2e
✍Author : Coloring Concepts Inc.
♛Publisher : Harper Collins
♣Release Date : 2001-02-06
✿Pages : 352
♠ISBN : 9780062737175
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Human Evolution Coloring Book 2e Book Synopsis : The completely revised Human Evolution Coloring Book Provides an authoritative, scientific background for understanding the origins of humanity Includes new discoveries and information essential for students of anthropology, primatology, paleontology, comparative anatomy, and genetics Brings together evidence from living primates, fossils, and molecular studies Explains the latest dating methods, including radioactive, paleomagnetic, and molecular clocks Surveys the world of living primates, their ecology, locomotion, diet, behavior, and life histories Clarifies the anatomical and behavioral similarities and differences between ourselves and our closest living relatives, the chimpanzee and the gorilla Resolves some long-standing mysteries about our relationship to the extinct Neanderthals

📒The Marine Biology Coloring Book 2e ✍ Coloring Concepts Inc.

♠Book Title : The Marine Biology Coloring Book 2e
✍Author : Coloring Concepts Inc.
♛Publisher : Harper Collins
♣Release Date : 2000-08-08
✿Pages : 272
♠ISBN : 9780062737182
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Marine Biology Coloring Book 2e Book Synopsis : Enter the delicate, complex world of underwater life through extraordinarily detailed, hand-drawn illustrations and newly updated text. The Marine Biology Coloring Book will serve as an excellent resource and guide. The process of coloring will focus your attention and leave a visual imprint on your memory. Details on the natural coloration of the plants and animals illustrated will help you create an accurate picture of the ocean world. The text provides a clear introduction to major marine environments as well as an examination of the lifestyles and interactions of the organisms that inhabit them. This expanded edition offers vital information on ocean currents and global weather, including an explanation of El Nino, the deep-sea realm, and the newest deep-sea diving research vessels. Enjoy the process of creating your own beautiful, full-color reference while you explore a fascinating hidden world. Both the serious student of marine biology and the weekend beachcomber will gain a better understanding of ocean life by coloring The Marine Biology Coloring Book.

📒An Introduction To Zoology ✍ Joseph Springer

♠Book Title : An Introduction to Zoology
✍Author : Joseph Springer
♛Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Publishers
♣Release Date : 2012-01-12
✿Pages : 500
♠ISBN : 9781449695446
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝An Introduction to Zoology Book Synopsis : Written for the one-term, undergraduate course, An Introduction to Zoology: Investigating the Animal World provides students with an accessible and engaging look at the fundamentals of zoology. This student-friendly text is driven by the underlying concepts of zoology rather than the memorization of terminology from the field. The authors take care to write in a style students can relate to as to not overwhelm them with encyclopedic passages. They go on to include Connects sections at the end of each chapter which discuss how the animals in the chapter connect to students from and economic, ecologic, medical, and cultural perspective, to emphasize how the animal world and the human realm are intimately intertwined.

♠Book Title : The Sibley Birds Coloring Field Journal
✍Author : David Allen Sibley
♛Publisher : Knopf
♣Release Date : 2016-10-25
✿Pages : 96
♠ISBN : 1524711071
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Sibley Birds Coloring Field Journal Book Synopsis : A portable, deluxe adult coloring book from the renowned birder, illustrator, and author of the New York Times best seller The Sibley Guide to Birds. The perfect gift for birders everywhere, to use at your windowsill or in the field. Including 75 original and previously unpublished images. With millions of copies sold, David Sibley is the best-known name in North American birding today. At last! In time for the holidays, the perfect coloring book for the birder or naturalist, picturing--with the lifelike precision that is a hallmark of David Sibley's work--75 images of spectacular birds in flight and at rest. The Sibley Birds Coloring Book will allow birding enthusiasts to create their own artist's portfolio, restoring color--whether real or imagined--to wings, crest, beaks. * No detail has been spared to make this a deluxe edition: from the heavy-duty and flexible cover design that allows for portability, for landscape and portrait line drawings--and makes it easy for right- or left-hand preference--to the heavy paper and the colored pages for reference. * Printed in a unique hardbound format that accommodates both the landscape and portrait line drawings throughout, as well as the creativity of its user. * Flip-back cover encourages on-the-go artistry, as well as providing a strong surface for colorists. * Deluxe heavy paper throughout provides an optimal surface for coloring in all mediums. * Reproductions of David Sibley's original full-color paintings are included on the book's inside cover to assist the colorist as a reference. * 12 anatomical drawings of the structure and component parts of the birds' bodies are featured to inform the colorist with a better comprehension of bird anatomy. * The perfect gift for all birders and coloring book enthusiasts

♠Book Title : Trolls Elves and Fairies
✍Author : Jan Sovak
♛Publisher : Courier Corporation
♣Release Date : 2002-10-01
✿Pages : 32
♠ISBN : 0486423824
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Trolls Elves and Fairies Book Synopsis : A wonderland of wee folk, this imaginative coloring book is populated by gremlins, pixies, giants, and other fantasy characters. In addition to mermaids, leprechauns, and other familiar creatures, these 29 images encompass a variety of lesser-known spirits. Colorists of all ages are certain to fall under the spell of these beguiling images.

♠Book Title : The Physiology Coloring Book
✍Author : Wynn Kapit
♛Publisher : Pearson P T R
♣Release Date : 2000
✿Pages : 161
♠ISBN : 0321036638
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Physiology Coloring Book Book Synopsis : The Physiology Colouring Workbook is a comprehensive review of key physiological processes like respiration, digestion, cell membrane polarization, synaptic interaction, reproduction etc.

♠Book Title : Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Workbook
✍Author : Elaine N. Marieb
♛Publisher :
♣Release Date : 2017-01-06
✿Pages : 416
♠ISBN : 0134459369
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Workbook Book Synopsis :

📒Exploring Creation With Zoology 3 ✍ Jeannie K. Fulbright

♠Book Title : Exploring Creation with Zoology 3
✍Author : Jeannie K. Fulbright
♛Publisher : Apologia Educational Ministries
♣Release Date : 2008
✿Pages : 288
♠ISBN : 1932012850
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 Book Synopsis : What separates people from apes? How can a Great Dane be related to a Chihuahua? Is there evidence that people and dinosaurs lived at the same time? What should you do if you encounter a bear? How can you tell if a snake is poisonous? Come find out answers to these questions and many, many more with Apologia's Exploring Creation with Zoology 3! This third book in the zoology series takes students on a safari through jungles, deserts, forests, farms, and even their own backyard to explore, examine and enjoy the enchanting creatures God designed to inhabit the terrain. Families will snuggle together and discover the amazing animals from primates to parasites, kangaroos to caimans, and turtles to terrifying T-Rexs this safari doesn't end there! Students will also keep a record of where each animal is found on a map and learn to identify animal tracks. As with all the Apologia elementary books, students will continue the practice of narration, keeping a notebook of what they have learned.

♠Book Title : The Official Outlander Coloring Book
✍Author : Diana Gabaldon
♛Publisher : Bantam
♣Release Date : 2015-10-27
✿Pages : 96
♠ISBN : 0399177531
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Official Outlander Coloring Book Book Synopsis : The perfect gift for fans of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander novels and the Starz original series, this spectacular coloring book features forty-five all-new illustrations! THE WORLD OF OUTLANDER AWAITS From the lush green of the Scottish Highlands to the military red of a British soldier's coat or the vibrant hues of a tartan kilt, the colorful world of Claire Beauchamp Randall and Jamie Fraser is now yours to explore. Featuring gorgeous natural landscapes, detailed drawings of Claire's medicinal herbs, depictions of the books' most beloved scenes and characters, and intricately rendered clothing, weapons, and armor straight out of eighteenth-century Scotland, these exquisite black-and-white images--from renowned illustrators Juan Alarcón, Yvonne Gilbert, Craig Phillips, Jon Proctor, Tomislav Tomić, and Rebecca Zomchek--are designed to dazzle and inspire. Fans of the series, as well as lovers of history and art, can party like it's 1743.

♠Book Title : Encouraging Your Child s Science Talent
✍Author : Michael S. Matthews
♣Release Date : 2006
✿Pages : 152
♠ISBN : 9781593631864
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Encouraging Your Child s Science Talent Book Synopsis : Educational title for gifted and advanced learners.