📒The Secret War ✍ Brian Johnson

♠Book Title : The Secret War
✍Author : Brian Johnson
♛Publisher : Pen and Sword
♣Release Date : 2004-06-30
✿Pages : 352
♠ISBN : 9781844151028
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Secret War Book Synopsis : Orginally a TV tie-in expanded from the BBC televison series, the book covers the behind-the-scenes aspects of the fight by the 'back room' scientists and technicians of WW2, including the battles against the Luftwaffe navigational beams, the V-1 and V-2 flying bombs, the development of radar, the battle against the u-boats, countering the magnetic mine, and the breaking of the codes produced by the Enigma machines.

📒The Secret War ✍ Jonathan Richards

♠Book Title : The Secret War
✍Author : Jonathan Richards
♛Publisher : Univ. of Queensland Press
♣Release Date : 2008
✿Pages : 308
♠ISBN : 070223639X
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Secret War Book Synopsis : Aboriginal troopers - led by white officers - formed Queensland's Native Police: a much-feared force that was responsible for the deaths of large numbers of Aboriginal people. Secretive by nature, their workings have long been misunderstood. They would often burn their victims and not report their 'dispersals' - a euphemism for mass murders and reprisal killings. But historian Jonathan Richards has spent years studying and documenting the force's brutal dispossession of Aboriginal people from their land. The Secret War is the culmination of his work and is the latest salvo in the History Wars that sees historians, politicians and writers arguing over the extent of Indigenous deaths in frontier clashes. It is an authoritative and groundbreaking contribution to our country's white settlement history.

📒The Secret War For The Union ✍ Edwin C. Fishel

♠Book Title : The Secret War for the Union
✍Author : Edwin C. Fishel
♛Publisher : HMH
♣Release Date : 2014-07-01
✿Pages : 760
♠ISBN : 9780544388130
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Secret War for the Union Book Synopsis : “A treasure trove for historians . . . A real addition to Civil War history” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review). At the end of the American Civil War, most of the intelligence records disappeared—remaining hidden for over a century. As a result, little has been understood about the role of espionage and other intelligence sources, from balloonists to signalmen with their telescopes. When, at the National Archives, Edwin C. Fishel discovered long-forgotten documents—the operational files of the Army of the Potomac’s Bureau of Military Information—he had the makings of this, the first book to thoroughly and authentically examine the impact of intelligence on the Civil War, providing a new perspective on this period in history. Drawing on these papers as well as over a thousand pages of reports by General McClellan’s intelligence chief, the detective Allan Pinkerton, and other information, he created an account of the Civil War that “breaks much new ground” (The New York Times). “The former chief intelligence reporter for the National Security Agency brings his professional expertise to bear in this detailed analysis, which makes a notable contribution to Civil War literature as the first major study to present the war’s campaigns from an intelligence perspective. Focusing on intelligence work in the eastern theater, 1861–1863, Fishel plays down the role of individual agents like James Longstreet’s famous ‘scout,’ Henry Harrison, concentrating instead on the increasingly sophisticated development of intelligence systems by both sides. . . . Expertly written, organized and researched.” —Publishers Weekly “Fundamentally changes our picture of the secret service in the Civil War.” —The Washington Post

📒Secret War ✍ Billy G. Webb

♠Book Title : Secret War
✍Author : Billy G. Webb
♛Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
♣Release Date : 2010-09-13
✿Pages : 473
♠ISBN : 9781453564868
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Secret War Book Synopsis : If war really is an extension of politics by other means, as Carl von Clausewitz declared back in 1827, then few wars have served as better examples than the Secret War in Laos from 1961-1975. A clandestine conflict fought in parallel with the Vietnam War, the Laotian Secret War ostensibly set the United States, Thailand, and various Laotian factions against Ho Chi Minh's North Vietnamese Army (NVA). In practice, the conflict was as much a civil war as an invasion; and ultimately, it devolved into a slow-motion act of suicide on the part of the Lao nation itself. The U.S. military and its Laotian Hmong allies, led by the resourceful General Vang Pao, made a disciplined effort to prosecute the warthough from beginning to end, that effort was steeped in self-serving politics, and hamstrung by factional infighting, irrational decision-making, and self-imposed constraints that ultimately hurt more than they helped. Micromanagement by officers and clueless politicians far from the front was bad enough; far worse was the corruption of the head-butting Lao factions, who seemed unable to see beyond their own immediate needs and certainly had no vision for a strong, united Laos. The so-called Rightists, Leftists, and Neutralist factions simply could not wrap their heads around the concept that their only hope of survival lay in coming together against the relentless, well-equipped NVA. In fact, one faction, the Pathet Lao, repeatedly allied with the NVA against their own countrymen. But the Americans and Vang Pao's Hmong, those who repeatedly found themselves on the sharp end of the spear in the face of waffling, lack of discipline, and, occasionally, sheer cowardice on the part of their allies, refused to give upuntil, finally, their political leadership turned their backs on them. This is the story of those brave men, and the civilians who helped them fight an increasingly painful and mismanaged war. It was a war in which the political leaders involved proved conclusively that they had learned nothing from historyor simply didn't care. Through ineptitude and back-room politicking, the leadership of both Laos and the United States eventually gave Laos to the Communistswho proceeded to crush the Lao people into the dust, in the name of a morally bankrupt ideology that they themselves neither practiced nor truly believed in. Billy G. Webb lays out their story with both great precision and compassion in this lively, well-researched book, outlining the events that led us into the morass of the Secret War, and then detailing each bloody campaign of each bloody year. In addition to following the key characters on the U.S./Laotian side, especially the charismatic Vang Pao, he peppers the story with tales of courageous individuals who fell victim to the NVA and the Pathet Laoand, occasionally, the stupidity, incompetence, and gutlessness of people they trusted. Some survived to fight again; but many of these men, military and otherwise, paid the ultimate sacrifice in their fight to keep Laos free. Webb takes special care to showcase two organizations: the brave Forward Air Controllers who called themselves "the Ravens," and Air America, a civilian company (run by the CIA) that supported the military effort and aided the Lao populace whenever they were called upon. Few people have ever heard of the Ravens, those USAF and Army airmen who risked life and limb in tiny Cessna aircraft to locate targets for bombers and fighters to strike. Air America is more famous, due to the 1990 movie of the same namea film that unfairly maligned Air America as a parcel service for Laotian powerbrokers moving drugs and gold out of the country. Webb sets the record emphatically straight. That's not to say that such things weren't happening in Laos; they were. In hindsight, it's easy to condemn the CIA and the U.S. military leadership for allowing the corruption to spread; but as Nietzsche has pointed out, when you look long in

📒The Secret War With Iran ✍ Ronen Bergman

♠Book Title : The Secret War with Iran
✍Author : Ronen Bergman
♛Publisher : Oneworld Publications
♣Release Date : 2013-01-10
✿Pages : 432
♠ISBN : 9781780744674
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Secret War with Iran Book Synopsis : While many now fear a looming war with Iran, few know that this war is already raging and has been doing so for the past three decades. Starting from the aftermath of the Iranian revolution, intelligence expert Ronen Bergman details the complex array of political manoeuvring, assassination attempts, arms trading, and suicide bombs that have characterised the secret war between Iran and the intelligence services of Israel and the United States. Drawing on interviews with a plethora of intelligence agents from all sides, this is a riveting exploration of the growing influence of Iran in the Middle East, and the covert activities of the CIA and Mossad to tackle Iran and its political ambitions.

📒The Secret War ✍ Matt Myklusch

♠Book Title : The Secret War
✍Author : Matt Myklusch
♛Publisher : Simon and Schuster
♣Release Date : 2012-06-26
✿Pages : 560
♠ISBN : 9781416995654
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Secret War Book Synopsis : Twelve-year-old Jack may be the Imagine Nation's only hope of fending off a new Rustov attack, with the help of his fellow superheroes-in-training, but the virus he carries, and Jonas's suspicions, provide new complications.

📒My Story The Secret War ✍ Jill Atkins

♠Book Title : My Story the Secret War
✍Author : Jill Atkins
♛Publisher : Scholastic Canada
♣Release Date : 2011-06-01
✿Pages : 160
♠ISBN : 9781443107570
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝My Story the Secret War Book Synopsis : A suspenseful story of a young girl's experiences joining the resistance in German-occupied France In 1939, the start of the Second World War, Sophie becomes a messenger for a resistance group in northern France. But as the German invaders overwhelm the British forces on the French coast, Sophie finds herself more deeply involved with the resistance -- and in a dangerous plan to save a young Scottish soldier.

📒A Short Course In The Secret War ✍ Christopher Felix

♠Book Title : A Short Course in the Secret War
✍Author : Christopher Felix
♛Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
♣Release Date : 2001-01-01
✿Pages : 301
♠ISBN : 9781568331799
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝A Short Course in the Secret War Book Synopsis : This now classic insider's look at international intelligence and secret operations, based in part on the author's own Cold War experience in Hungary after World War II, has been updated to include a new afterword featuring revelations of Raoul Wallenberg's fate, British turncoat Kim Philby, and much more.

📒The Secret War ✍ Michael A. Campbell

♠Book Title : The Secret War
✍Author : Michael A. Campbell
♛Publisher : Xulon Press
♣Release Date : 2004-03-01
✿Pages : 304
♠ISBN : 9781594673139
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Secret War Book Synopsis :

📒The Secret War ✍ Dennis Wheatley

♠Book Title : The Secret War
✍Author : Dennis Wheatley
♛Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
♣Release Date : 2014-12-18
✿Pages :
♠ISBN : 9781448213900
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Secret War Book Synopsis : "This is a very extraordinary book... a first-rate thriller." -The Tablet As Mussolini's troops invade Abyssinia the international situation deteriorates, and the armaments kings look forward greedily to even fatter profits. No one, it seems, can halt the carnage. Except perhaps the Millers of God, a group of wealthy individuals dedicated to the systematic execution of all those who feed off human suffering. Sir Anthony Lovelace doesn't approve of the organisation's methods. But when Christopher Penn and his beautiful fiancee call on his friendship, he too finds himself involved in a desperate gamble for the cause of peace.