📒Sisters In Law ✍ Virginia G. Drachman

â™ Book Title : Sisters in Law
✍Author : Virginia G. Drachman
â™›Publisher : Harvard University Press
♣Release Date : 2001
âśżPages : 334
â™ ISBN : 0674006941
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťSisters in Law Book Synopsis : Ranging from the 1860s when women first sought entrance into law to the 1930s when most institutional barriers had crumbled, this book defines the contours of women's integration into the most rigidly gendered profession.

📒Sisters In Law ✍ Linda Hirshman

â™ Book Title : Sisters in Law
✍Author : Linda Hirshman
â™›Publisher : HarperCollins
♣Release Date : 2015-09-01
âśżPages : 432
â™ ISBN : 9780062238481
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Sisters in Law Book Synopsis : NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER WASHINGTON POST BESTSELLER The author of the celebrated Victory tells the fascinating story of the intertwined lives of Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the first and second women to serve as Supreme Court justices. The relationship between Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg—Republican and Democrat, Christian and Jew, western rancher’s daughter and Brooklyn girl—transcends party, religion, region, and culture. Strengthened by each other’s presence, these groundbreaking judges, the first and second to serve on the highest court in the land, have transformed the Constitution and America itself, making it a more equal place for all women. Linda Hirshman’s dual biography includes revealing stories of how these trailblazers fought for their own recognition in a male-dominated profession—battles that would ultimately benefit every American woman. She also makes clear how these two justices have shaped the legal framework of modern feminism, including employment discrimination, abortion, affirmative action, sexual harassment, and many other issues crucial to women’s lives. Sisters-in-Law combines legal detail with warm personal anecdotes that bring these very different women into focus as never before. Meticulously researched and compellingly told, it is an authoritative account of our changing law and culture, and a moving story of a remarkable friendship.

📒Sisters In Law ✍ Nina Bell

â™ Book Title : Sisters In Law
✍Author : Nina Bell
â™›Publisher : Hachette UK
♣Release Date : 2009-09-03
âśżPages : 416
â™ ISBN : 9780748112135
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťSisters In Law Book Synopsis : Sisters-in-law Kate, Helen and Miranda all have one thing in common - they're hiding something. It's not easy being part of the high-achieving Fox family: the expectations and demands of their husbands and children; the jealousies and rivalries; and the endless Sunday lunches where somehow everything feels like a competition. So when mysterious Sasha enters their lives, bloodied from the battlefield of a painful divorce, buried frustrations rush to the surface. Why is Kate's husband Jonny working so late at the office, and how will she cope at home alone? Can army-wife Helen trust Jago to come back to her next time, or is he drawn by temptations in a foreign field? And will Simon's explosive secret blow Miranda's marriage apart once and for all? Three sisters-in-law. One devastating divorcee. Whose husband is about to play with fire?

📒The Sisters In Law ✍ Gertrude Atherton

â™ Book Title : The Sisters in Law
✍Author : Gertrude Atherton
â™›Publisher : The Floating Press
♣Release Date : 2014-09-01
âśżPages : 402
â™ ISBN : 9781776586158
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťThe Sisters in Law Book Synopsis : Fans of Gertrude Atherton's California series of novels and stories will want to add The Sisters-in-Law to their must-read list. This tale focuses on a young woman named Alexina and her amusing exploits in turn-of-the-century San Francisco. But when the devastating earthquake hits, everything changes in an instant, and Alexina's fondness for social fun and games wanes.

📒The Sisters In Law ✍ Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton

â™ Book Title : The Sisters in law
✍Author : Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
â™›Publisher : ReadHowYouWant.com
♣Release Date : 2009-02-19
âśżPages : 340
â™ ISBN : 9781442931190
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťThe Sisters in law Book Synopsis :

📒Hellfire ✍ John Ellsworth

â™ Book Title : Hellfire
✍Author : John Ellsworth
â™›Publisher : Subjudica House
♣Release Date : 2015-10-30
âśżPages : 255
â™ ISBN :
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťHellfire Book Synopsis : A Syrian wedding party is incinerated by a Hellfire missile fired from an American drone. Many are killed, but one survivor turns to an American lawyer for help in bringing the responsible parties to justice. The survivor is the bride-to-be and she is furious. Besides seeing justice done in an American court, she also is ready for payback of her own with a weapon of mass destruction. The American lawyer called on to obtain justice is Christine Susmann. Together with her lunch group known as Sisters In Law, the pursuit for justice begins. Old loves are re-visited by the sisters and new romances take root as the daily lives of the sisters become focused on the Syrian wedding party gone awry. A trial follows. The accused are brothers who are oil-rich and looking to obtain Syrian oil for their own tankers. A race to the finish line brings this thriller to its exciting conclusion. Christine Susmann is at her terrible best in this book, the second in the Christine Susmann legal thriller series known as the Sisters in Law. Pick up your copy of this new thriller today. You'll be glad you treated yourself to this second adventure. Categories include legal thrillers, courtroom drama, courtroom thrillers, ISIS, ISIL, Middle Eastern, lawyer novels, crime thrillers, crime fiction

📒Sisters In Law ✍ Leota Hulse Black

â™ Book Title : Sisters in Law
✍Author : Leota Hulse Black
â™›Publisher :
♣Release Date : 1938-01-01
âśżPages :
â™ ISBN : 1600450776
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťSisters in Law Book Synopsis :

📒Sisters In Law ✍ lady Margaret Elizabeth Majendie

â™ Book Title : Sisters in law
✍Author : lady Margaret Elizabeth Majendie
â™›Publisher :
♣Release Date : 1885
âśżPages :
â™ ISBN : OXFORD:555043624
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťSisters in law Book Synopsis :

📒Forced To Be Family ✍ Cheryl Dellasega, PhD

â™ Book Title : Forced to Be Family
✍Author : Cheryl Dellasega, PhD
â™›Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
♣Release Date : 2007-09-28
âśżPages : 272
â™ ISBN : 9780470049990
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Forced to Be Family Book Synopsis : You can survive the "kitchen wars"—and live in peace with your family "My sisters-in-law couldn't stand me. I was really hurt when my kids weren't mentioned in their grandmother's obituary because they weren't 'full-blooded' family." "My mom is always giving advice, always telling me to do such and such when she doesn't do it herself. If my husband and I have a fight, she takes his side!" "My sister did call me a week later to apologize but proceeded to tell me everything that was wrong with me, my husband, and my children." Sound familiar? There's nothing new or unusual about conflict between mothers, sisters, and other female family members—but that doesn't make it any less painful or destructive. Adding to the hurt of relational abuse within the family is the permanent nature of the relationship: you can sever relations with an abusive friend, but you can't stop being the sister/daughter/niece of an abusive relative. Does that mean that there's no way out? In Forced to Be Family, you'll discover how to determine whether a female family member is being abusive, recognize the sources of that abuse, and break the vicious cycle that keeps the abuse alive. You don't have to choose between accepting abuse and "making a scene." This insightful, reassuring guide gives you the strategies and understanding you need to reestablish warm and loving relationships with the women who will always be closest to you.

📒Sisters In Law ✍ Lisa G. Sherman

â™ Book Title : Sisters in law
✍Author : Lisa G. Sherman
â™›Publisher : SphinxLegal
♣Release Date : 2004
âśżPages : 261
â™ ISBN : 9781572483781
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťSisters in law Book Synopsis : "A MUST READ...Loaded with wisdom, candor, insight and laugh-out-loud humor, Sisters-in-Law sets the standard in the legal profession for aspiring and practicing female lawyers, as well as their male counterparts." -Robert Shapiro The Essential Accessory for the Savvy Lawyer A fabulously wicked, uncensored romp into the world of lady legal eagles of the 21st century. Sisters-in-Law takes you behind the scenes of the old boys club and lets you in on the secrets that can make you the Queen of the courtroom or at least the Diva in a dark suit. These Sisters teach you what your law school professors didn't-about the nuts and bolts of practicing law, finding a specialty that suits your talents and moving from one firm to another-while addressing the demands of being a single gal, facing motherhood and perhaps managing a family. This hilarious trek through the years following law school provides the new attorney, as well as any veteran, with valuable insights. This uncensored guide will keep you focused on your career-but not too much! "FUNNY, INFORMATIVE AND UTTERLY IRREVERENT! Sisters-in-Law is complete with real-life office antics, acres of advice and honest reassurance [that] neophyte lawyers will find nowhere else. I wish this book was available when I started law practice!" -Karen Koenig, Of Counsel, Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker