📒Rescue Your Money ✍ Ric Edelman

♠Book Title : Rescue Your Money
✍Author : Ric Edelman
♛Publisher : Simon and Schuster
♣Release Date : 2016-07-19
✿Pages : 208
♠ISBN : 9781501152764
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Rescue Your Money Book Synopsis : "A different version of this title was originally published in 2009 by Free Press" -- Title page verso.

📒Rescue Your Finances ✍ Infinite Ideas

♠Book Title : Rescue your finances
✍Author : Infinite Ideas
♛Publisher : Infinite Ideas
♣Release Date : 2011-12-14
✿Pages : 128
♠ISBN : 9781908864253
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Rescue your finances Book Synopsis : Who wouldn’t like a bit more financial security these days? There’s a never-ending avalanche of books, magazines, websites and TV programmes to allegedly ‘help’. But who’s got the time to wade through this lot to sift the stuff that works from the rubbish? Rescue your finances cuts straight to the heart of the matter. With insider shortcuts and secrets garnered from personal and professional experience, we reveal how everyone can make the most of their financial lot. Whatever your financial position, Rescue your finances is the indispensable guide to making your money work harder and smarter for you.

♠Book Title : Rescue Your Money from the National Debt Disaster
✍Author : Damon Geller
♛Publisher : Createspace Independent Pub
♣Release Date : 2013-02-17
✿Pages : 60
♠ISBN : 1482570157
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Rescue Your Money from the National Debt Disaster Book Synopsis : The debt bomb is ticking. The U.S. Treasury says our national debt will hit twenty-eight trillion dollars by 2018. This means that every single day you keep your savings in paper-backed investments, the Federal Reserve destroys your money, your stocks, your savings account, your 401K. But just as the debt has more than tripled in the last decade, so have gold and gas. Gold and gas track debt more than any other assets on earth. So if the debt is doubling to $28 trillion by 2018, where do you think your money needs to be? Gold has been the greatest hedge against currency collapse the world has ever known, and gold has been the world's wealth preserver of choice for over 5000 years.

📒Rescue Your Retirement ✍ Russell K. Jalbert

♠Book Title : Rescue Your Retirement
✍Author : Russell K. Jalbert
♛Publisher : Advantage Media Group
♣Release Date : 2012-04
✿Pages : 134
♠ISBN : 9781599323022
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Rescue Your Retirement Book Synopsis : “You don't have to accept risk in order to grow your money.” What readers discover in this book is the woeful ineffectiveness of retirement planning as practiced by Wall Street and the brokerage industry. In place of this failed approach Jalbert offers the logic of financial tools provided by the insurance industry. These tools, though not well known in the marketplace, are many, varied and most often free of the risk associated with volatile markets. His mission is to design retirement plans that are as foolproof as possible, and making sure that a stable and predictable lifelong income is provided under any economic circumstances.

♠Book Title : Rescue Your Marriage How Couple Development can Save Your Ship
✍Author :
♛Publisher : Travis Parry
♣Release Date :
✿Pages :
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Rescue Your Marriage How Couple Development can Save Your Ship Book Synopsis :

📒Rescue Your Financial Life ✍ Kimberly Lankford

♠Book Title : Rescue Your Financial Life
✍Author : Kimberly Lankford
♛Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
♣Release Date : 2003-08-01
✿Pages : 198
♠ISBN : 007141942X
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Rescue Your Financial Life Book Synopsis : Sound rules for rebuilding ravaged savings plans and protecting them from today's perilous markets Kiplinger's columnist Kim Lankford has fielded hundreds of questions from readers wondering how to recover from recent market debacles. Rescue Your Financial Life! is Lankford's answer--an easy-tofollow, multistep program for setting new financial goals, getting on course to achieve those goals, and using today's new tools and technologies to make recovery as pain-free as possible. Personal financial goals are more difficult to achieve than ever before. Rescue Your Financial Life! helps readers bring those goals a little closer by showing them how to: Rebuild retirement plans ravaged by stock market losses Find extra money to invest during tough times Lower taxes, cut insurance bills, pay for college, and more

♠Book Title : Managing Your Money All In One For Dummies
✍Author : Consumer Dummies
♛Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
♣Release Date : 2008-11-24
✿Pages : 696
♠ISBN : 047048148X
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Managing Your Money All In One For Dummies Book Synopsis : Want to take control of your finances once and for all? Managing Your Money All-in-One For Dummies combines expert money management with personal finance tips. From credit cards and insurance to taxes, investing, retirement, and more, seven mini-books show you how to improve your relationship with money — no matter your age or stage of life. This easy-to-understand guide shows you how to assess your financial situation, calculate debt, prepare a budget, trim spending, boost your income, and improve your credit score. You’ll find ways to run a money-smart household, reduce waste, and cut medical and transportation expenses as you tackle your debt head-on and develop good saving habits. You’ll even get help choosing the right mortgage and avoiding foreclosure, saving for college or retirement, and determining your home-, car-, and life insurance needs. Discover how to: Take charge of your finances Manage home and personal finances Lower your taxes and avoid tax audits Plan a budget and scale back on expenses Deal with debt and negotiate with creditors Save and invest safely for college or retirement Protect your money and assets from fraud and identity theft Ensure a comfortable retirement Plan your estate and safeguard a will or trust Managing Your Money All-in-One For Dummies brings you seven great books for the price of one. Can you think of a better way to start managing your money wisely?

♠Book Title : Save Your Money Save Your Family
✍Author : Toni House
♛Publisher :
♣Release Date : 2011-10-01
✿Pages : 168
♠ISBN : 1467044318
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Save Your Money Save Your Family Book Synopsis : Could the withering recession we're going through have a silver lining? A chance for families to get back to their roots, spend more time together, and discover the joy of communicating? "Yes" says Toni House, a working mother, author, and accountant. Toni's innovative book offers a three-part plan for taking back your finances and strengthening family ties, while spending $250 or less a month on groceries. This fun, easy to read book includes... Dozens of ideas for delicious, low-cost home-made meals A 28-day meal planner, complete with four weeks of tempting and nutritious, do-it-yourself, stay-at-home recipes the whole family can use, An easy 4-week budget planner, From-the-trenches tips for turning dinner into a four-star event. In today's economy, families are looking for a way to feel more secure and save money without sacrificing good times. Let "Save Your Money, Save Your Family" (italics and bold of course not the yellow) rescue your family. "Save Your Money, Save Your Family" (italics and bold not the yellow) will help parents re-create the kind of togetherness most families consider ancient history. Elizabeth Lee, author of Common Threads

📒Girl Get Your Money Straight ✍ Glinda Bridgforth

♠Book Title : Girl Get Your Money Straight
✍Author : Glinda Bridgforth
♛Publisher : Crown Business
♣Release Date : 2002-05-14
✿Pages : 256
♠ISBN : 9780767911313
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Girl Get Your Money Straight Book Synopsis : If you’re tired of feeling powerless over your finances and are ready to start funding your dreams, then come on girl–it’s time to get your money straight! Author and financial expert Glinda Bridgforth knows that healthy money management is rarely just about dollars–it’s about getting to the root of why we spend what we do and recognizing the emotional and cultural issues that play out in our unhealthy financial habits. Girl, Get Your Money Straight! presents her seven-step program for holistic financial healing–an upbeat, empowering road map that you can use to identify your heart’s desires, break away from negative spending patterns, pay off outstanding debts, develop a spending plan, conquer the checkbook blues, and create new wealth. Filled with Bridgforth’s warmhearted wisdom and advice, and complete with worksheets exercises, affirmations, and inspiring stories of African American women who have found financial peace of mind, Girl, Get Your Money Straight! is a fresh, fun, and eminently practical guide to healing your bank account and building a life that you love. From the Trade Paperback edition.

♠Book Title : You Never Give Me Your Money Sovereign Debt Crises Collective Action Problems and IMF Lending
✍Author : Mr. Marco Committeri
♛Publisher : International Monetary Fund
♣Release Date : 2013-01-22
✿Pages : 50
♠ISBN : 9781475533828
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝You Never Give Me Your Money Sovereign Debt Crises Collective Action Problems and IMF Lending Book Synopsis : We review the impact of the global financial crisis, and its spillovers into the sovereign sector of the euro area, on the international “rules of the game” for dealing with sovereign debt crises. These rules rest on two main pillars. The most important is the IMF’s lending framework (policies, financing facilities, and financial resources), which is designed to support macroeconomic adjustment packages based on the key notion of public debt sustainability. The complementary pillar is represented by such contractual provisions as Collective Action Clauses (CACs) in sovereign bonds, which aim to facilitate coordination among private creditors in order to contain the costs of a debt default or restructuring. We analyze the most significant changes (and their consequences) prompted by the recent crises to the Fund’s lending framework, not only in terms of additional financial resources, new financing facilities (including precautionary ones), and cooperation with euro-area institutions, but also as regards the criteria governing exceptional access to the Fund’s financial resources. We highlight a crucial innovation to these criteria, namely that, for the first time, they now explicitly take account of the risk of international systemic spillovers. Finally, we discuss how the recent crises have provided new political support for a broader dissemination of CACs in euro-area sovereign bonds. Importantly, in the first case involving an advanced economy, CACs were activated in the debt exchange undertaken by Greece in Spring 2012.