♠Book Title : Positioning The Battle for Your Mind
✍Author : Al Ries
♛Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
♣Release Date : 2001-01-03
✿Pages : 213
♠ISBN : 9780071705875
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Positioning The Battle for Your Mind Book Synopsis : The first book to deal with the problems of communicating to a skeptical, media-blitzed public, Positioning describes a revolutionary approach to creating a "position" in a prospective customer's mind-one that reflects a company's own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of its competitors. Writing in their trademark witty, fast-paced style, advertising gurus Ries and Trout explain how to: Make and position an industry leader so that its name and message wheedles its way into the collective subconscious of your market-and stays there Position a follower so that it can occupy a niche not claimed by the leader Avoid letting a second product ride on the coattails of an established one. Positioning also shows you how to: Use leading ad agency techniques to capture the biggest market share and become a household name Build your strategy around your competition's weaknesses Reposition a strong competitor and create a weak spot Use your present position to its best advantage Choose the best name for your product Determine when-and why-less is more Analyze recent trends that affect your positioning. Ries and Trout provide many valuable case histories and penetrating analyses of some of the most phenomenal successes and failures in advertising history. Revised to reflect significant developments in the five years since its original publication, Positioning is required reading for anyone in business today.

📒Brand Positioning ✍ Subroto Sengupta

♠Book Title : Brand Positioning
✍Author : Subroto Sengupta
♛Publisher : Tata McGraw-Hill Education
♣Release Date : 2005-01-25
✿Pages : 297
♠ISBN : 9780070581593
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Brand Positioning Book Synopsis : How do you give your brand a competitive edge in a 'me-too' situation? How do you differentiate your brand and give it a distinctive identity? How, in short, do you secure competitive advantage for your brand? Especially in a 'mine-too' situation. The author answers all these questions and more, by discussing the concepts and principles involved in developing sound positioning strategy. He brings into focus its practice and applications with cases and examples from the Indian market. A large number of packaged goods, as well as some widely used durables such as two-wheelers, TV sets, etc. have been analysed. The second edition has new chapters on positioning of services and celebrity endorsements. Also new cases and examples have been included. With this coverage, the book will help markets and advertisers create sound positioning strategies for their brands.

♠Book Title : Planning and Positioning in MRI
✍Author : Anne Bright
♛Publisher : Elsevier Australia
♣Release Date : 2011
✿Pages : 268
♠ISBN : 9780729539852
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Planning and Positioning in MRI Book Synopsis : A comprehensive highly visual reference to the planning and positioning of the patient and the coil in MR imaging. Anne Bright, Royal North Shore Hospital, Australia.

📒The Self And Others ✍ Rom Harré

♠Book Title : The Self and Others
✍Author : Rom Harré
♛Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
♣Release Date : 2003
✿Pages : 322
♠ISBN : 0275976246
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Self and Others Book Synopsis : Leading scholars present the newest developments in the field of positioning theory.

♠Book Title : Brand is a Four Letter Word
✍Author : Austin McGhie
♛Publisher : Advantage Media Group
♣Release Date : 2012
✿Pages : 281
♠ISBN : 9781599323275
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Brand is a Four Letter Word Book Synopsis : Argues that to achieve success the focus of marketers should be on positioning and that branding is a product of marketplace response.

♠Book Title : Clark s Positioning in Radiography 12Ed
✍Author : A. Stewart Whitley
♛Publisher : CRC Press
♣Release Date : 2005-08-26
✿Pages : 532
♠ISBN : 9780340763902
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Clark s Positioning in Radiography 12Ed Book Synopsis : First published in 1939, this is the definitive text on patient positioning for the diagnostic radiography student and practitioner. The experienced author team appreciates that there is no substitute for a good understanding of basic skills in patient positioning and an accurate knowledge of anatomy to ensure good radiographic practice. This 12th edition retains the book’s pre-eminence in the field, with hundreds of positioning photographs and explanatory line diagrams, a clearly defined and easy-to-follow structure, and international applicability. The book presents the essentials of radiographic techniques in a practical way, avoiding unnecessary technical complexity and ensuring that the student and practitioner can find quickly the information that they require regarding particular positions. All the standard positioning is included, accompanied by supplementary positions where relevant and illustrations of pathology where appropriate. Common errors in positioning are also discussed.

📒Breakthrough Branding ✍ Suzanne Walters

♠Book Title : Breakthrough Branding
✍Author : Suzanne Walters
♛Publisher : American Library Association
♣Release Date : 2013
✿Pages : 216
♠ISBN : 9781555707668
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Breakthrough Branding Book Synopsis : Branding provides a unique way for a library to distinguish itself: its identity, personality, and image. Drawing on five vividly unique case studies from libraries across the country, Breakthrough Branding: Positioning Your Library to Survive and Thrive shows how to mesh your library’s brand deeply and seamlessly within your internal culture, to leverage and better position your brand for the audiences you serve, and develop and implement promotional strategies and tactics consistent with your objectives. Experienced marketers and branding consultants Suzanne Walters and Kent Jackson offer clear advice regarding the art and science of library branding, advocacy, ethical considerations, marketing management and evaluation throughout the book’s three sections: “Branding” explains what a brand is and how to assess, develop and utilize your brand as an important institutional asset, with insider tips on environmental scanning, market research, and situation analysis; “Positioning” leads you through the process of effectively addressing your target audiences; “Promotion” helps you develop an integrated marketing communication strategy, including how to craft on-target messages, leverage your online presence to inform and engage with community members, and capitalize on traditional marketing channels, with guidance on public relations, event strategies, email, websites, and more.

♠Book Title : Branding Positioning and Segmentation at Volkswagen
✍Author : Volker Schmid
♛Publisher : GRIN Verlag
♣Release Date : 2013-11
✿Pages : 24
♠ISBN : 9783640914456
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Branding Positioning and Segmentation at Volkswagen Book Synopsis : Seminar paper from the year 2005 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, grade: A, University of Teesside (Teesside Business School), course: Strategic Marketing, 30 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: This paper analysis the case study "VW Phaeton" by Rohm and Murphy (2005) about the launch of a luxury car by Volkswagen. Since the introduction of the VW Phaeton in May 2002, Volkswagen has been under pressure as the company did not reach their sales forecast, experiencing dramatic financial losses (Weernink, 2002). It comments on the strategy of VW in terms of branding and positioning. It also considers segmentation, niche and mass marketing as essential issues for VW. Various aspects of these issues are discussed as well as their relationship to customer loyalty, and how they contribute to a business success. Finally, it is summarised why the future of the VW Phaeton is considered to be a bleak. It could be shown that positioning is an outgrowth of segmentation, and therefore, presents an integral part of VW's strategy. The paper shows that VW introduced the VW Phaeton to move up-market, and to polish the VW brand. However, the company did underestimate their own brand, which is associated with a people's car. At the same time, Volkswagen missed to serve highly potential segments in the middle-class segment. In order to position the VW Phaeton in the upper-class, a comprehensive marketing campaign was launched, which could not add the missing emotional and prestige value to the VW brand. In the final section, it is argued why the future of the VW Phaeton is a bleak - mainly because of a strategic failure regarding the branding strategy.

📒Positioning ✍ Stuart H. Walker

♠Book Title : Positioning
✍Author : Stuart H. Walker
♛Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
♣Release Date : 1991
✿Pages : 317
♠ISBN : 0393033392
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Positioning Book Synopsis : These racing factors, Dr. Walker explains, translate into boat speed, psychology, and tactics.Wind strength and wave formation, in turn, determine sail rig and fin trim, as well as the psychological approach needed to win. He demonstrates for both the new racer and the seasoned expert precisely how to collect and understand these elements, how to use them in the formulation of strategy, and, finally, how to formulate moment-by-moment tactics. This is a masterful guide to winning.

♠Book Title : Global Conflict Resolution Through Positioning Analysis
✍Author : Fathali M. Moghaddam
♛Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
♣Release Date : 2007-11-15
✿Pages : 302
♠ISBN : 9780387721125
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Global Conflict Resolution Through Positioning Analysis Book Synopsis : Readers find here a volume that applies positioning theory in order to achieve a fuller and more in-depth understanding of conflict and its psychological resolution. Positioning theory is the study of the nature, formation, influence and ways of change of local systems of rights and duties as shared assumptions about them influence small scale interactions. This book will thus be of interest to social psychologists and anyone interested in the development and applications of positioning theory.