📒Palestine ✍ Sarah Irving

♠Book Title : Palestine
✍Author : Sarah Irving
♛Publisher : Bradt Travel Guides
♣Release Date : 2012-03-01
✿Pages : 328
♠ISBN : 9781841623672
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Palestine Book Synopsis : The only practical guide to traveling in Palestine and Palestinian communities in Israel.

📒Palestine ✍ George Baramki Azar

♠Book Title : Palestine
✍Author : George Baramki Azar
♛Publisher : Univ of California Press
♣Release Date : 1991
✿Pages : 125
♠ISBN : 0520075447
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Palestine Book Synopsis : An unforgettable photographic journal of the "shadows" of the Arab world--at turns invisible, unknown, and threatening to some--this work gathers images of the Palestinians during the first few months of 1988 when the intifada was beginning to gain momentum. We have come to visually associate the terms "intifada" and "Palestinian" solely with images of young men wrapped in kafiyyehs hurling rocks at Israeli soldiers. The photos gathered here are different. They grant us the rare opportunity to see facets of the Palestinians not portrayed in the popular media: the beauty of the land, the life of the sheepherders, the joy of the children, the quiet defiance of the elders, the dignity they all salvage. From 1981 to 1987 George Azar chronicled the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the destruction of the U.S. Marine compound, the civil insurrection in West Beirut, the Iran-Iraq War and the interfactional war among the Palestinians in North Lebanon. He saw gun battles and deaths so numerous that his memory of them has become a blur. Leaving the horror of Beirut, Damour, and Tripoli behind, he resisted the thought of going back. But in early January 1988, news reports showed the people of the refugee camps, the villages, and the towns in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip taking to the streets. He returned to the occupied territories later that month and began taking these pictures. This book bears witness to Palestinian lives and by doing so gives the Other a human face. The texts that accompany the photographs are taken from eyewitness testimonies, open letters, news clippings, interviews, and Arabic poetry. An introductory essay by Ann M. Lesch describes the genesis of the intifada movement and its interactions with the Israeli government. Despite death, deportation, and the destruction of their homes, the Palestinians remain steadfast, convinced that one day the horror of military occupation will end and they will be able to live once again. This work is a testament to that conviction.

📒Palestine And Israel ✍ David McDowall

♠Book Title : Palestine and Israel
✍Author : David McDowall
♛Publisher : Univ of California Press
♣Release Date : 1989
✿Pages : 322
♠ISBN : 0520069021
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Palestine and Israel Book Synopsis : In this thoroughly researched and highly topical book, David McDowall considers the Palestinian uprising from a historical, social, and political perspective, and carefully reassesses the prospects for a settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

📒Israel And Palestine ✍ Paul Mason

♠Book Title : Israel and Palestine
✍Author : Paul Mason
♛Publisher : Marshall Cavendish
♣Release Date : 2008-09-01
✿Pages : 32
♠ISBN : 0761431810
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Israel and Palestine Book Synopsis : This volume discusses the highlights of the Israel and Palestine conflict.

♠Book Title : Palestine Palestinians and International Law
✍Author : Francis Anthony Boyle
♛Publisher : SCB Distributors
♣Release Date : 2013-10-29
✿Pages : 204
♠ISBN : 0932863922
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Palestine Palestinians and International Law Book Synopsis : A leading US expert applies the norms and standards of international law to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, addressing Palestinian statehood, the negotiation and failure of the Oslo Accords, the status of Jerusalem, the Al Aqsa Intifada, the right of return, human rights violations, war crimes, crimes against humanity, terrorism (both state and suicide bombings), the current divest-from-Israel campaign and the US war against Iraq. Francis Boyle is regularly interviewed by media all over the world. In recent months, he has been interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor, Time, USA Today, the Washington Post, and Al Jazeera, among others. He is a frequent commentator on NPR, his articles appear regularly in a wide range of online publications, notably the website Counterpunch, and he is often interviewed on radio and television.

📒Palestine And Israel ✍ John B. Quigley

♠Book Title : Palestine and Israel
✍Author : John B. Quigley
♛Publisher :
♣Release Date : 1990-01-01
✿Pages : 337
♠ISBN : UOM:39015017009625
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Palestine and Israel Book Synopsis :

📒Israel Palestine ✍ Alan Dowty

♠Book Title : Israel Palestine
✍Author : Alan Dowty
♛Publisher : Polity
♣Release Date : 2012-04-16
✿Pages : 280
♠ISBN : 9780745656113
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Israel Palestine Book Synopsis : What explains the peculiar intensity and evident intractability of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Of all the "hot spots" in the world today, the apparently endless clash between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East seems unique in its longevity and resistance to resolution. Is this conflict really different from other ethnic and nationalist confrontations, and if so, in what way? In this fully revised and updated third edition of his highly respected introductory text, Alan Dowty demystifies the conflict by putting it in broad historical perspective, identifying its roots, and tracing its evolution up to the current impasse. His account offers a clear analytic framework for understanding transformations over time, and in doing so, punctures the myths of an "age-old" conflict with an unbridgeable gap between the two sides. Rather than simply reciting historical detail, this book presents a clear overview that serves as a road map through the thicket of conflicting claims. This newly expanded edition updates the analysis to include the latest developments, and also integrates into the analysis a fuller account of the regional and international context of the conflict. In this account the opposed perspectives of the two sides are presented in full, leaving readers to make their own evaluations of the issues. The book thus expresses fairly and objectively the concerns, hopes, fears, and passions of both sides, making it clear why this conflict is waged with such vehemence -- and why, for all that, there are some grounds for optimism.

📒The Israel Palestine Conflict ✍ James L. Gelvin

♠Book Title : The Israel Palestine Conflict
✍Author : James L. Gelvin
♛Publisher : Cambridge University Press
♣Release Date : 2014-01-13
✿Pages : 304
♠ISBN : 9781107470774
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Israel Palestine Conflict Book Synopsis : Now entering its third edition, James L. Gelvin's award-winning account of the conflict between Israelis and their forebears, on the one hand, and Palestinians and theirs, on the other, offers a compelling, accessible and current introduction for students and general readers. Newly updated to take into account the effects of the 2010–11 Arab uprisings on the conflict and the recognition of Palestinian statehood by the United Nations, the book traces the struggle from the emergence of nationalism among the Jews of Europe and the Arab inhabitants of Ottoman Palestine through the present, exploring the external pressures and internal logic that have propelled it. Placing events in Palestine within the framework of global history, The Israel-Palestine Conflict: One Hundred Years of War skilfully interweaves biographical sketches, eyewitness accounts, poetry, fiction, and official documentation into its narrative.

♠Book Title : Palestine the Arab Israeli conflict
✍Author : Russell Stetler
♛Publisher :
♣Release Date : 1972-05
✿Pages : 297
♠ISBN : UOM:39015005342178
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Palestine the Arab Israeli conflict Book Synopsis :

♠Book Title : Palestine a Twice Promised Land
✍Author : Isaiah Friedman
♛Publisher : Transaction Publishers
♣Release Date :
✿Pages : 411
♠ISBN : 1412830443
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Palestine a Twice Promised Land Book Synopsis : In this book, Isaiah Friedman examines one of the most complex problems that bedeviled Middle East politics in the interwar period, one that still remains controversial. The prevailing view is that during World War I the British government made conflicting commitments to the Arabs, to the French, and to the Jews. Through a rigorous examination of the documentary evidence, Friedman demolishes the myth that Palestine was a "twice-promised land" and shows that the charges of fraudulence and deception leveled against the British are groundless. Central to Arab claims on Palestine was a letter dated 24 October 1915, from Sir Henry McMahon, the British High Commissioner in Egypt, to King Hussein, the Sharif of Mecca, pledging Arab independence. Friedman shows that this letter was conditional on a general Arab uprising against the Turks. Predicated on reciprocal action, the letter committed the British to recognize and uphold Arab independence in the areas of the Fertile Crescent once it was liberated by the Arabs themselves. As all evidence shows, few tribes rebelled against the Turks. The Arabs in Palestine, Syria, and Mesopotamia fought for the Ottoman Empire against the British. In addition to its non-binding nature, McMahon's letter has been misinterpreted with respect to the territories it covers. Friedman's archival discovery of the Arabic version actually read by Hussein indisputably shows that Palestine was not included in the British pledge. Indeed, Hussein welcomed the return of the Jews just as his son Emir Feisal believed that Arab-Jewish cooperation would be a means to build Arab independence without the interference of the European powers. Myth-shattering and meticulously documented, Palestine: A Twice-Promised Land? is revisionist history in the truest sense of the word.