📒What Is Life ✍ Lynn Margulis

â™ Book Title : What is Life
✍Author : Lynn Margulis
â™›Publisher : Univ of California Press
♣Release Date : 2000
âśżPages : 288
â™ ISBN : 0520220218
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťWhat is Life Book Synopsis : Transcending the various formal concepts of life, this captivating book offers a unique overview of life's history, essences, and future. "A masterpiece of scientific writing. You will cherish "What Is Life?" because it is so rich in poetry and science in the service of profound philosophical questions".--Mitchell Thomashow, "Orion". 9 photos. 11 line illustrations.

📒What Is Life ✍ Erwin Schrödinger

â™ Book Title : What is Life
✍Author : Erwin Schrödinger
â™›Publisher : Cambridge University Press
♣Release Date : 1992-01-31
âśżPages : 184
â™ ISBN : 0521427088
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝What is Life Book Synopsis : Nobel laureate Erwin Schrödinger's What is Life? is one of the great science classics of the twentieth century. A distinguished physicist's exploration of the question which lies at the heart of biology, it was written for the layman, but proved one of the spurs to the birth of molecular biology and the subsequent discovery of the structure of DNA. The philosopher Karl Popper hailed it as a 'beautiful and important book' by 'a great man to whom I owe a personal debt for many exciting discussions'. It appears here together with Mind and Matter, his essay investigating a relationship which has eluded and puzzled philosophers since the earliest times. Schrodinger asks what place consciousness occupies in the evolution of life, and what part the state of development of the human mind plays in moral questions. Brought together with these two classics are Schrödinger's autobiographical sketches, published and translated here for the first time. They offer a fascinating fragmentary account of his life as a background to his scientific writings, making this volume a valuable additon to the shelves of scientist and layman alike.

â™ Book Title : The Struggle Is My Life
✍Author :
â™›Publisher : Popular Prakashan
♣Release Date : 1990
âśżPages : 282
â™ ISBN : 8171545238
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťThe Struggle Is My Life Book Synopsis :

📒Mind In Life ✍ Evan Thompson

â™ Book Title : Mind in Life
✍Author : Evan Thompson
â™›Publisher : Harvard University Press
♣Release Date : 2007
âśżPages : 543
â™ ISBN : 9780674025110
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťMind in Life Book Synopsis : How is life related to the mind? This work draws upon sources as diverse as molecular biology, Continental Phenomenology, and analytic philosophy to argue that mind and life are more continuous than has previously been accepted, and that modern explanations do not adequately address the myriad facets of the biology and phenomenology of mind.

📒Media Life ✍ Mark Deuze

â™ Book Title : Media Life
✍Author : Mark Deuze
â™›Publisher : Polity
♣Release Date : 2012-09-24
âśżPages : 305
â™ ISBN : 9780745649993
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťMedia Life Book Synopsis : 'Media Life' is a primer on how we may think of our lives as lived in - rather than with - media. The book uses the way media functions today as a prism to understand key issues in contemporary society, where reality is open source, identities are always under construction, and private life is lived in public forever more.

📒Reverence For Life ✍ Albert Schweitzer

â™ Book Title : Reverence for Life
✍Author : Albert Schweitzer
â™›Publisher : Ardent Media
♣Release Date : 1979
âśżPages : 153
â™ ISBN : 0891979204
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťReverence for Life Book Synopsis : "Though I was well aware that Albert Schweitzer preached a great deal both before and after he became a physician, I never encountered any of his sermons until I was privileged to read the present collection prior to publication. What I find in this increases my sense of wonder, though it does not increase my surprise. It pleases me to find that like other speakers and writers, the famous missionary doctor preached many of his ideas before they were cast into essay form, thus following the experimental method...On the whole the sermons seem contemporary... Very early in the twentieth century, he understood that Christianity is not a merely spiritual religion and that the popular arguments against missions are superficial ones... What pleases me most about the new publication is its revelation of the author's deep personal piety..." -- D Elton Trueblood (from the Foreword).

â™ Book Title : My Life in Crime and Other Academic Adventures
✍Author : Martin L. Friedland
â™›Publisher : University of Toronto Press
♣Release Date : 2007
âśżPages : 513
â™ ISBN : 9780802097903
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťMy Life in Crime and Other Academic Adventures Book Synopsis : Since his call to the Bar in 1960, Martin L. Friedland has been involved in a number of important public policy issues, including bail, legal aid, gun control, securities regulation, access to the law, judicial independence and accountability, and national security. My Life in Crime and other Academic Adventures offers a first-hand account of the development of these areas of law from the perspective of a man who was heavily involved in their formation and implementation. It is also the story of a distinguished academic, author, and former dean of law at the University of Toronto. Moving beyond the boundaries of conventional memoir, Friedland offers an extended meditation on public policy issues and significant events in the field of law, discussing their historical impact and predicting the course of their future development. Given his personal experience, there is no other person more suited to discuss these hugely important issues. Friedland puts the law and legal institutions into a wider context, looking at the role of personalities, politics, and pressure groups in the establishment of laws that continue to have tremendous importance for Canadians. My Life in Crime and other Academic Adventures reflects upon a life devoted to education, scholarship, and the law, and is an insider account of public policy issues that have come to shape life in this country in the twentieth century and beyond.

📒Composing A Life ✍ Mary Catherine Bateson

â™ Book Title : Composing a Life
✍Author : Mary Catherine Bateson
â™›Publisher : Grove Press
♣Release Date : 2001
âśżPages : 241
â™ ISBN : 0802138047
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťComposing a Life Book Synopsis : Mary Catherine Bateson has been called "one of the most original and important thinkers of our time" (Deborah Tannen). Grove Press is pleased to reissue Bateson's deeply satisfying treatise on the improvisational lives of five extraordinary women. Using their personal stories as her framework, Dr. Bateson delves into the creative potential of the complex lives we live today, where ambitions are constantly refocused on new goals and possibilities. With balanced sympathy and a candid approach to what makes these women inspiring, examples of the newly fluid movement of adaptation--their relationships with spouses, children, and friends, their ever-evolving work, and their gender--Bateson shows us that life itself is a creative process. "Well-formulated and passionate ... Offers nothing less than a radical rethinking of the concept of achievement." -- San Francisco Chronicle "Fascinating ... A masterwork of rare breadth and particularity." -- The Boston Globe

📒Life In A Bucket Of Soil ✍ Alvin Silverstein

â™ Book Title : Life in a Bucket of Soil
✍Author : Alvin Silverstein
â™›Publisher : Courier Corporation
♣Release Date : 2000
âśżPages : 96
â™ ISBN : 0486410579
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťLife in a Bucket of Soil Book Synopsis : Describes the various animals that live within the soil under our feet, including earthworms, roundworms, snails, mites, beetles, and ants.

📒A J Ayer ✍ Ben Rogers

â™ Book Title : A J Ayer
✍Author : Ben Rogers
â™›Publisher : Grove Press
♣Release Date : 2002-01
âśżPages : 402
â™ ISBN : 0802138691
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťA J Ayer Book Synopsis : The first authorized biography of the great twentieth-century philosopher unravels the enigma surrounding this complicated man whose book Language, Truth and Logic rocked the world of philosophy. Reprint.