📒Ike S Gamble ✍ Michael Doran

â™ Book Title : Ike s Gamble
✍Author : Michael Doran
â™›Publisher : Simon and Schuster
♣Release Date : 2017-10-24
âśżPages : 304
â™ ISBN : 9781451697841
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťIke s Gamble Book Synopsis : In a bold reinterpretation of history, Ike's Gamble shows how the 1956 Suez Crisis taught President Eisenhower that Israel, not Egypt, would have to be America's ally in the region. In 1956 President Nasser of Egypt moved to take possession of the Suez Canal, bringing the Middle East to the brink of war. Distinguished Middle East expert Michael Doran shows how Nasser played the United States, invoking America's opposition to European colonialism to his own benefit. At the same time Nasser made weapons deals with the USSR and destabilized other Arab countries that the United States had been courting. In time, Eisenhower would realize that Nasser had duped him and that the Arab countries were too fractious to anchor America's interests in the Middle East. Affording deep insight into Eisenhower and his foreign policy, this fascinating and provocative history provides a rich new understanding of the tangled path by which the United States became the power broker in the Middle East. -- Back cover.

📒Forecast For D Day ✍ John Ross

â™ Book Title : Forecast for D day
✍Author : John Ross
â™›Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
♣Release Date : 2014-04-15
âśżPages : 272
â™ ISBN : 9781493008483
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťForecast for D day Book Synopsis : The weather story of D-Day in which the invasion's success hinged on the correct gauge of the weather for the crossing of the British Channel; the story of the man Eisenhower trusted with choosing the best day to invade, despite contrary opionions from more senior weather experts.

📒Ike S Bluff ✍ Evan Thomas

â™ Book Title : Ike s Bluff
✍Author : Evan Thomas
â™›Publisher : Hachette UK
♣Release Date : 2012-09-25
âśżPages : 496
â™ ISBN : 9780316217279
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťIke s Bluff Book Synopsis : Evan Thomas's startling account of how the underrated Dwight Eisenhower saved the world from nuclear holocaust. Upon assuming the presidency in 1953, Dwight Eisenhower set about to make good on his campaign promise to end the Korean War. Yet while Eisenhower was quickly viewed by many as a doddering lightweight, behind the bland smile and simple speech was a master tactician. To end the hostilities, Eisenhower would take a colossal risk by bluffing that he might use nuclear weapons against the Communist Chinese, while at the same time restraining his generals and advisors who favored the strikes. Ike's gamble was of such magnitude that there could be but two outcomes: thousands of lives saved, or millions of lives lost. A tense, vivid and revisionist account of a president who was then, and still is today, underestimated, IKE'S BLUFF is history at its most provocative and thrilling.

📒Jade S Gamble ✍ Patricia Olney

â™ Book Title : Jade s Gamble
✍Author : Patricia Olney
â™›Publisher : Loveswept
♣Release Date : 2013-02-11
âśżPages : 240
â™ ISBN : 9780345537935
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Jade s Gamble Book Synopsis : In this irresistible tale about a marriage of inconvenience, Patricia Olney delightfully demonstrates that love is often a delicious game of chance. Single mother Jade O’Donnell is desperate. Embroiled in an ugly custody battle, Jade is convinced that being in a committed relationship will up her chances to keep her son. So when the wildly charismatic Trace Banyon walks into her lawyer’s office to inquire about a job, Jade’s willing to bet that he’s the perfect candidate to play the part of loving husband. She just never expects that Trace will steal her heart. Temptation in the flesh, Trace insists that he will never be tied down in real life. He agrees to Jade’s scheme on one condition: It will mean nothing more than a business deal. But with Jade posing on his arm, Trace can’t help but feel genuine affection—and exhilarating passion. Now his bewitching make-believe wife has the stalwart bachelor considering the two words he has sworn will never pass his lips: “I do.” Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: The Reluctant Countess, Wild Rain, and Silk on the Skin.

📒Foreign Gods Inc ✍ Okey Ndibe

â™ Book Title : Foreign Gods Inc
✍Author : Okey Ndibe
â™›Publisher : Soho Press
♣Release Date : 2014-01-14
âśżPages : 336
â™ ISBN : 9781616953140
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Foreign Gods Inc Book Synopsis : From a disciple of the late Chinua Achebe comes a masterful and universally acclaimed novel that is at once a taut, literary thriller and an indictment of greed’s power to subsume all things, including the sacred. Foreign Gods, Inc., tells the story of Ike, a New York-based Nigerian cab driver who sets out to steal the statue of an ancient war deity from his home village and sell it to a New York gallery. Ike's plan is fueled by desperation. Despite a degree in economics from a major American college, his strong accent has barred him from the corporate world. Forced to eke out a living as a cab driver, he is unable to manage the emotional and material needs of a temperamental African American bride and a widowed mother demanding financial support. When he turns to gambling, his mounting losses compound his woes. And so he travels back to Nigeria to steal the statue, where he has to deal with old friends, family, and a mounting conflict between those in the village who worship the deity, and those who practice Christianity. A meditation on the dreams, promises and frustrations of the immigrant life in America; the nature and impact of religious conflicts; an examination of the ways in which modern culture creates or heightens infatuation with the "exotic," including the desire to own strange objects and hanker after ineffable illusions; and an exploration of the shifting nature of memory, Foreign Gods is a brilliant work of fiction that illuminates our globally interconnected world like no other. From the Hardcover edition.

â™ Book Title : The world of the Wall Street journal
✍Author : Charles Preston
â™›Publisher :
♣Release Date : 1959
âśżPages : 485
â™ ISBN : UCAL:B3261477
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťThe world of the Wall Street journal Book Synopsis :

📒Life As An Air Force Wife ✍ Anita Hamilton

â™ Book Title : Life As an Air Force Wife
✍Author : Anita Hamilton
â™›Publisher : AuthorHouse
♣Release Date : 2003-07-01
âśżPages : 272
â™ ISBN : 9781410746078
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťLife As an Air Force Wife Book Synopsis :

📒The Queen S Gamble ✍ Barbara Kyle

â™ Book Title : The Queen s Gamble
✍Author : Barbara Kyle
â™›Publisher : Hachette UK
♣Release Date : 2014-03-06
âśżPages : 432
â™ ISBN : 9781780335667
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťThe Queen s Gamble Book Synopsis : Your son or your queen - what price can Elizabeth demand for loyalty? Young Elizabeth I's path to the throne has been a perilous one, and already she faces a dangerous crisis. French troops have landed in Scotland to quell a rebel Protestant army and Elizabeth fears that once entrenched on the border, they will invade England. Isabel Thornleigh, recently returned from the New World with her Spanish husband, Carlos Valverde, and their young son, is recruited by the queen to smuggle money to the Scottish rebels. Yet Elizabeth's trust only goes so far - Isabel's son will be the queen's pampered hostage until she completes her mission. But matters grow worse when Isabel's husband is engaged as military advisor to the French, putting the couple on opposite sides in a deadly spying war... Praise for Barbara Kyle: 'Unfurls a complex and fast paced plot, mixing history with vibrant characters.' Publishers Weekly 'Kyle is adept at layering her tale with colourful descriptions, accurate details and exciting twists with a fast-paced plot designed to keep readers' attention.' Romantic Times

â™ Book Title : Annual Report
✍Author :
â™›Publisher :
♣Release Date : 1887
âśżPages :
â™ ISBN : NYPL:33433075996995
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťAnnual Report Book Synopsis :

📒Gettysburg ✍ Allen C. Guelzo

â™ Book Title : Gettysburg
✍Author : Allen C. Guelzo
â™›Publisher : Vintage
♣Release Date : 2013-05-14
âśżPages : 656
â™ ISBN : 9780385349642
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Gettysburg Book Synopsis : Winner of the Guggenheim-Lehrman Prize in Military History An Economist Best Book of the Year A Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction Book of the Year The Battle of Gettysburg has been written about at length and thoroughly dissected in terms of strategic importance, but never before has a book taken readers so close to the experience of the individual soldier. Two-time Lincoln Prize winner Allen C. Guelzo shows us the face, the sights and the sounds of nineteenth-century combat: the stone walls and gunpowder clouds of Pickett’s Charge; the reason that the Army of Northern Virginia could be smelled before it could be seen; the march of thousands of men from the banks of the Rappahannock in Virginia to the Pennsylvania hills. What emerges is a previously untold story of army life in the Civil War: from the personal politics roiling the Union and Confederate officer ranks, to the peculiar character of artillery units. Through such scrutiny, one of history’s epic battles is given extraordinarily vivid new life. From the Trade Paperback edition.