📒How To Write Like Tolstoy ✍ Richard Cohen

♠Book Title : How to Write Like Tolstoy
✍Author : Richard Cohen
♛Publisher : Oneworld Publications
♣Release Date : 2016-09-01
✿Pages : 336
♠ISBN : 9781786070227
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝How to Write Like Tolstoy Book Synopsis : For anyone who has ever identified with a character from fiction, been seduced by a first sentence or been profoundly moved by a story’s end, How to Write Like Tolstoy is a wonderful and illuminating journey into the minds and imaginations of the world’s greatest writers. What made Nabokov choose the name Lolita? Why did Fitzgerald tell The Great Gatsby in the first person? How did Kerouac, who raged against revision, finally come to revise On the Road? Why did Martin Amis give up on writing about sex? Veteran editor Richard Cohen draws on a vast and eclectic reservoir of knowledge to reveal what makes good prose soar. From plot and character development to dialogue and point of view, the motivations, obsessions, tricks and talents of a host of great novelists are brought to the fore, their published works mined and private beliefs unearthed. There’s the nature of originality as plagiarism is discussed, and a weighing of the odds when trying to write about physical intimacies. And how to begin…Or end? From first page to last, How to Write Like Tolstoy is a unique exploration of the act and art of writing, one which enriches our experience of reading both the

📒L Tolstoj I Dostoevskij ✍ D. Merezhkovskij

♠Book Title : L Tolstoj I Dostoevskij
✍Author : D. Merezhkovskij
♛Publisher :
♣Release Date : 2013-01
✿Pages : 464
♠ISBN : 9785424113468
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝L Tolstoj I Dostoevskij Book Synopsis : "L. Tolstoj i Dostoevskij" - po svidetel'stvu B. Zajtseva - stala "knigoj, rezko povernuvshej ponimanie dvuh nashih velikanov Merezhkovskij povernul ih po-novomu, osvetil, otsenil, poluchilos' yarche i esche ubeditel'nej."

📒War And Peace ✍ Leo Tolstoy

♠Book Title : War and Peace
✍Author : Leo Tolstoy
♛Publisher : BookRix
♣Release Date : 2017-06-23
✿Pages : 2250
♠ISBN : 9783736801363
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝War and Peace Book Synopsis : War and Peace is a novel by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy. The work is epic in scale and is regarded as one of the most important works of world literature. War and Peace delineates in graphic detail events surrounding the French invasion of Russia, and the impact of the Napoleonic era on Tsarist society, as seen through the eyes of five Russian aristocratic families. The novel can be generally classified as historical fiction. It contains elements present in many types of popular 18th and 19th century literature, especially the romance novel. War and Peace attains its literary status by transcending genres. Tolstoy was instrumental in bringing a new kind of consciousness to the novel. His narrative structure is noted for its "god-like" ability to hover over and within events, but also in the way it swiftly and seamlessly portrayed a particular character's point of view. His use of visual detail is often cinematic in its scope, using the literary equivalents of panning, wide shots and close-ups, to give dramatic interest to battles and ballrooms alike. These devices, while not exclusive to Tolstoy, are part of the new style of the novel that arose in the mid-19th century and of which Tolstoy proved himself a master. War and Peace tells the story of five aristocratic families—the Bezukhovs, the Bolkonskys, the Rostovs, the Kuragins and the Drubetskoys—and the entanglements of their personal lives with the then contemporary history of 1805 to 1813, principally Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812. The Bezukhovs, while very rich, are a fragmented family as the old Count, Kirill Vladimirovich, has fathered dozens of illegitimate sons. The Bolkonskys are an old established and wealthy family based at Bald Hills. Old Prince Bolkonsky, Nikolai Andreevich, served as a general under Catherine the Great, in earlier wars. The Moscow Rostovs have many estates, but never enough cash. They are a closely knit, loving family who live for the moment regardless of their financial situation. The Kuragin family has three children, who are all of questionable character. The Drubetskoy family is of impoverished nobility, and consists of an elderly mother and her only son, Boris, whom she wishes to push up the career ladder.

📒How To Write Like Chekhov ✍ Anton Chekhov

♠Book Title : How to Write Like Chekhov
✍Author : Anton Chekhov
♛Publisher :
♣Release Date : 2008-11-11
✿Pages : 210
♠ISBN : 9781569242599
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝How to Write Like Chekhov Book Synopsis : Letters to his publisher and family along with segments from his plays and stories offer an intimate look at the philosophy, values, and beliefs of this famed writer, his personal inspirations, and writing style. Original.

📒Monkeys With Typewriters ✍ Scarlett Thomas

♠Book Title : Monkeys with Typewriters
✍Author : Scarlett Thomas
♛Publisher : Canongate Books
♣Release Date : 2012-09-06
✿Pages : 496
♠ISBN : 9780857863799
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Monkeys with Typewriters Book Synopsis : Stories are everywhere... Exploring the great plots from Plato to The Matrix and from Tolstoy to Toy Story, this is a book for anyone who wants to unlock any narrative and learn to create their own. With startling and original insights into how we construct stories, this is a creative writing book like no other. It will show you how to read and write better.

📒War And Peace ✍ graf Leo Tolstoy

♠Book Title : War and Peace
✍Author : graf Leo Tolstoy
♛Publisher : Library of Alexandria
♣Release Date : 1971
✿Pages : 1352
♠ISBN : 9781465510778
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝War and Peace Book Synopsis :

📒For Writers Only ✍ Sophy Burnham

♠Book Title : For Writers Only
✍Author : Sophy Burnham
♛Publisher : Penguin
♣Release Date : 2011-12-29
✿Pages : 224
♠ISBN : 9781101553770
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝For Writers Only Book Synopsis : "I see but one rule: to be clear." Stendhal If only it were as easy for most writers as it was for Stendhal. The truth about the act of writing is much more varied, even violent. In fact, there seem to be as many contradictory admonitions about how to go about doing it as there are writers themselves. With that in mind, writer Sophy Burnham has collected the thoughts of some of the greatest writers and laced them with her own observations and experiences of the writer's life. With an emphasis on the emotions that writing wrings from those who practice it, Burnham writes about beginning a work prematurely, the ecstasy when the writing is really flowing, the crash that can follow the flight -- and how to pick yourself up and continue. Most of all, you will be reassured, enlightened, and inspired to learn that, in your own writing struggles, you are not alone.

📒From Tablet To Table ✍ Leonard Sweet

♠Book Title : From Tablet to Table
✍Author : Leonard Sweet
♛Publisher : NavPress
♣Release Date : 2015-01-01
✿Pages : 192
♠ISBN : 9781612917801
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝From Tablet to Table Book Synopsis : Worship Leader magazine has named From Tablet to Table one of the five best books of 2015! What if the Bible were seen less as a tablet of ink than as a table of food? From Tablet to Table invites readers to explore the importance of The Table in biblical theology, and what it might mean for us to bring back the table to our homes, our churches, and our neighborhoods. The table pictures the grace of God’s provision for all aspects of our lives, a place of safe gathering, of finding identity in shared stories, of imparting food and faith, of playing host and finding satisfaction as a guest. Sweet explores how our failure to understand and appreciate “the most sacred item of furniture in every home” has created such a deficit in our fast-food, take-what-you-like-smorgasbord, together-but-separate society.

📒Tolstoy And Chekhov ✍ Logan Speirs

♠Book Title : Tolstoy and Chekhov
✍Author : Logan Speirs
♛Publisher : Cambridge University Press
♣Release Date : 1971
✿Pages : 237
♠ISBN : 9780521079501
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Tolstoy and Chekhov Book Synopsis : A study of the great literary relationship between two great Russian authors, first published in 1971. When Chekhov began to write, Tolstoy was acknowledged the master. Each admired the other's work, and part of Mr Speirs' argument is that Tolstoy's example helped Chekhov to see what he wanted to do and how to do it. The author feels that both have an unequalled insight into the life of modern man, the one speaking for a generation when the old order was just breaking up, and the other for one in which the new order was being established. The book begins with a large section on Tolstoy, who devised literary forms adequate to his insights; as Chekhov put it, this enabled him 'to state the problem correctly'. The study of Chekhov which follows builds on these perceptions about theme and method, showing the links and contrasts between the two authors.

📒Life Conquers Death ✍ John Arnold

♠Book Title : Life Conquers Death
✍Author : John Arnold
♛Publisher : Zondervan
♣Release Date : 2009-05-26
✿Pages : 192
♠ISBN : 9780310571834
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Life Conquers Death Book Synopsis : How can we come to understand more fully our own story of sin and redemption? This beautiful series of meditations addresses that need. Each chapter moves us one step along the path, and we’re also guided by the author’s metaphors of wood, trees, and the cross of Christ as we travel. We start in the garden of Eden, and end at the Tree of Life in the New Jerusalem.Along the way, we encounter biblical passages, pictures by Rembrandt, and insights from such great works of Russian literature as “A Tree Falls in Siberia” as the author brings important questions to our attention. John Arnold has created a series of contemplative readings that will remain with the reader long after reading them.