📒Frauds Myths And Mysteries ✍ Kenneth L. Feder

♠Book Title : Frauds Myths and Mysteries
✍Author : Kenneth L. Feder
♛Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
♣Release Date : 2017-02-01
✿Pages : 384
♠ISBN : 0190629657
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Frauds Myths and Mysteries Book Synopsis : Frauds, myths, and supposed mysteries about humanity's past are moving targets for anyone committed to the scientific investigation of human antiquity. It is important for anyone interested in the human past to know, for example, that there is no evidence for a race of giant human beings in antiquity and no broken shards of laser guns under Egyptian pyramids. Debunking such nonsense is fun and useful in its own way, but more important is the process by which we determine that such claims are bunk. Now published by Oxford University Press, Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology, Ninth Edition, uses interesting--and often humorous--archaeological hoaxes, myths, and mysteries to show how we can truly know things about the past through science. It is not just a book about how we know what isn't true about the human past-it's also about how we know what is true.

📒Frauds Myths And Mysteries ✍ Kenneth Feder

♠Book Title : Frauds Myths and Mysteries
✍Author : Kenneth Feder
♛Publisher : McGraw-Hill Higher Education
♣Release Date : 2013-04-15
✿Pages :
♠ISBN : 9780077497637
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Frauds Myths and Mysteries Book Synopsis : Committed to the scientific investigation of human antiquity, Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology uses interesting archaeological hoaxes, myths, and mysteries to show how we can use science to learn things about the past. By placing wildly inaccurate claims within the context of the scientific method, this indispensable supplementary text demonstrates how science approaches questions about human antiquity and, in doing so, shows where pseudoscience falls short.

♠Book Title : Anthropology The Human Challenge
✍Author : William Haviland
♛Publisher : Cengage Learning
♣Release Date : 2010-03-05
✿Pages : 784
♠ISBN : 9780495810841
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Anthropology The Human Challenge Book Synopsis : The well-known team of Haviland, Prins, Walrath, and McBride continue to provide students with a vivid, thought-provoking edition of ANTHROPOLOGY that emphasizes the interconnections of the world’s cultures and the relevance of the field of anthropology in their own lives. Known for its holistic, integrated approached to the four fields of anthropology, the book’s rich visual program and cohesive framework enable students to more easily understand the impact of biology and culture in shaping behaviors and beliefs, and gain real insight into the usefulness of anthropology for living and working in the globalized world of the 21st century. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

📒Perilous Planet Earth ✍ Trevor Palmer

♠Book Title : Perilous Planet Earth
✍Author : Trevor Palmer
♛Publisher : Cambridge University Press
♣Release Date : 2003-06-12
✿Pages : 522
♠ISBN : 0521819288
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Perilous Planet Earth Book Synopsis : A readable 2003 account of the history of natural disasters throughout history.

📒Ancient America ✍ Kenneth L. Feder

♠Book Title : Ancient America
✍Author : Kenneth L. Feder
♛Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
♣Release Date : 2016-11-17
✿Pages : 256
♠ISBN : 9781442263130
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Ancient America Book Synopsis : Presenting “the real deal” of American antiquity—as opposed to the hyped fare of many cable TV shows—Kenneth Feder invites readers to explore the stunning technological, architectural, engineering, and artistic achievements of America’s first peoples. Part travel guide, part friendly reference, Ancient America showcases fifty iconic and publicly-accessible sites located across the contiguous United States—including monumental pyramids of earth, “castles” ensconced in cliff niches, and vast rock art galleries. Among the places profiled are four World Heritage Sites (Chaco Canyon, NM; Mesa Verde, CO; Cahokia, IL; Poverty Point, LA); numerous Historic Landmarks and National Monuments (including Crystal River, FL; Town Creek Mound, NC; Casa Grande, AZ; and Hovenweep, UT); and stunningly diverse sites ranging from Serpent Mound (OH) and Horsethief Lake (WA) to Canyon de Chelly (AZ) and Nine Mile Canyon (UT). In addition to practical visitor information, Feder tells the fascinating stories of each site as revealed by archaeological research. Introductory chapters delve into the deep past of Native America; historical and cultural details as well as original photography round out the site entries. Readers will be inspired to visit these remarkable places where the past continues to resonate in the present.

♠Book Title : The Skeptic Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience
✍Author : Michael Shermer
♛Publisher : ABC-CLIO
♣Release Date : 2002-01-01
✿Pages : 903
♠ISBN : 9781576076538
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Skeptic Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience Book Synopsis : Examines supernatural controversies such as crop circles, the Shroud of Turin, and cold fusion, and provides evidence for and against each phenomenon.

📒The Past In Perspective ✍ Kenneth L. Feder

♠Book Title : The Past in Perspective
✍Author : Kenneth L. Feder
♛Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
♣Release Date : 2016-07-13
✿Pages : 624
♠ISBN : 0190275855
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Past in Perspective Book Synopsis : "A college textbook for the Introduction to Prehistory course"--Provided by publisher.

📒Hoax ✍ Edward Steers (Jr.)

♠Book Title : Hoax
✍Author : Edward Steers (Jr.)
♛Publisher : University Press of Kentucky
♣Release Date : 2013
✿Pages : 235
♠ISBN : 9780813141596
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Hoax Book Synopsis : Investigates six of history's biggest frauds, looking at how the hoaxes were carried out and what continued belief in them reveals about society's understanding of history.

♠Book Title : Key Concepts in Public Archaeology
✍Author : Gabriel Moshenska
♛Publisher : UCL Press
♣Release Date : 2017-09-28
✿Pages : 250
♠ISBN : 9781911576433
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Key Concepts in Public Archaeology Book Synopsis : This book provides a broad overview of the key concepts in public archaeology, a research field that examines the relationship between archaeology and the public, in both theoretical and practical terms. While based on the long-standing programme of undergraduate and graduate teaching in public archaeology at UCL’s renowned Institute of Archaeology, the book also takes into account the growth of scholarship from around the world and seeks to clarify what exactly ‘public archaeology’ is by promoting an inclusive, socially and politically engaged vision of the discipline. Written for students and practitioners, the individual chapters provide textbook-level introductions to the themes, theories and controversies that connect archaeology to wider society, from the trade in illicit antiquities to the use of digital media in public engagement, and point readers to the most relevant case studies and learning resources to aid their further study. This book was produced as part of JISC's Institution as e-Textbook Publisher project. Find out more at https://www.jisc.ac.uk/rd/projects/institution-as-e-textbook-publisher Praise for Key Concepts in Archaeology 'Littered throughout with concise and well-chosen case studies, Key Concepts in Public Archaeology could become essential reading for undergraduates and is a welcome reminder of where archaeology sits in UK society today.' British Archaeology

📒White Lies About The Inuit ✍ John Steckley

♠Book Title : White Lies About the Inuit
✍Author : John Steckley
♛Publisher : University of Toronto Press
♣Release Date : 2007-12-01
✿Pages : 176
♠ISBN : 9781442606715
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝White Lies About the Inuit Book Synopsis : The Inuit are a familiar part of Canadian identity but also exotic residing in the remote Arctic. The mix of the familiar and the exotic has resulted in the creation and perpetuation of a number of "White Lies." These are stories that have been developed over long periods of time, reproduced in classrooms, anthropology and sociology textbooks, and other media, but have been rarely challenged, contributing to misunderstandings that have ultimately, in subtle ways, diminished the stature of Inuit traditional culture. In this lively book, designed specifically for introductory students, Steckley unpacks three "White Lies"—the myth that there are fifty-two words for snow, that there are blond, blue-eyed Inuit descended from the Vikings, and that the Inuit send off their elders to die on ice floes. Debunking these popular myths allows him to illustrate how knowledge is shaped by Western social science, particularly the anthropology of the "Other," and that it can be flawed. In the process, students learn not only about Inuit culture, but about the difference between popular and scholarly research.