📒The Firefly ✍ P. T. Deutermann

♠Book Title : The Firefly
✍Author : P. T. Deutermann
♛Publisher : St. Martin's Press
♣Release Date : 2010-04-01
✿Pages : 352
♠ISBN : 1429903600
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Firefly Book Synopsis : At midnight, in a secret medical clinic in Washington, D.C., two foreign doctors and their team are completing plastic surgery on an anonymous client who is changing the appearance of his face, among other things. After the procedure, the client begins to stir-and suddenly the operating room erupts in violence and the clinic is ablaze. Washington police conduct an arson investigation, with inconclusive results. But one tantalizing fragment of evidence suggests that a terrorist bombing may be imminent. The presidential inauguration is quickly approaching and Washington's police, fire, intelligence, military, federal, and White House security teams are making frantic preparations. Because of the strain on manpower, retired Secret Service agent Swamp Morgan is recalled to active duty. His task: investigate the incineration of the medical clinic as a "firefly"- Washington-speak for something that looks like a threat but isn't. As Swamp begins what he thinks is a routine check-and-dismiss, the clinic's missing client begins preparations for his mission: to launch an attack on the American government - a decapitation strike intended to wipe out both the outgoing and incoming administrations. As the crucial day approaches, Swamp, the only agent to take the firefly seriously, must operate alone as the clock clicks down to a breathtaking finale. Filled with brilliant twists and turns and heart-in-your throat suspense, Firefly offers first class entertainment from beginning to end.

📒Sam And The Firefly ✍ P.D. Eastman

♠Book Title : Sam and the Firefly
✍Author : P.D. Eastman
♛Publisher : Random House Books for Young Readers
♣Release Date : 2010-12-08
✿Pages : 72
♠ISBN : 9780375984457
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Sam and the Firefly Book Synopsis : Sam the Owl and Gus the Firefly literally light up the sky in this classic Beginner Book edited by Dr. Seuss. In Sam and the Firefly, P. D. Eastman (author of Are You My Mother? and Go, Dog. Go!) introduces us to the dynamic duo of Sam and Gus, who soar through the air writing words in the night sky. But when Gus’s words end up causing confusion and chaos for the people on the ground, it’s up to Sam to help Gus “write” his wrongs. Originally created by Dr. Seuss, Beginner Books encourage children to read all by themselves, with simple words and illustrations that give clues to their meaning. "...provides interest, suspense and word repetition. Illustrations excellent. Recommended."--(starred) School Library Journal.

📒Firefly ✍ Piers Anthony

♠Book Title : Firefly
✍Author : Piers Anthony
♛Publisher :
♣Release Date : 1992-03
✿Pages : 466
♠ISBN : 0380759500
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Firefly Book Synopsis : The inhabitants of a remote estate in Florida's savannah country fall under the spell of a horrible predator who inflames and perverts their sexual desires, leading to a series of bizarre and deadly encounters

📒The Firefly ✍ Rudolf Friml

♠Book Title : The firefly
✍Author : Rudolf Friml
♛Publisher :
♣Release Date : 1912
✿Pages : 167
♠ISBN : UOM:39015007849097
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The firefly Book Synopsis :

📒The Firefly Who Asked Why ✍ Carol Edwards

♠Book Title : The Firefly Who Asked Why
✍Author : Carol Edwards
♛Publisher : Tate Publishing
♣Release Date : 2010-11
✿Pages : 24
♠ISBN : 9781616638719
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Firefly Who Asked Why Book Synopsis : 'God, are you there? Can you hear me? It's Fuella, the firefly. I'm down here!'The Firefly Who Asked Whyis the heartwarming story of a young firefly in search of answers. With her bright light shining every night, Fuella wonders why she has been made differently. After all, no one else lights up the night! With the help of her friends on the savannah, Fuella will find out the secret and the wonder of the things that make her different.

📒Fiona The Firefly ✍ Wendy Connelly

♠Book Title : Fiona the Firefly
✍Author : Wendy Connelly
♛Publisher : Paulist Press
♣Release Date : 2003
✿Pages : 24
♠ISBN : 1929039166
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Fiona the Firefly Book Synopsis : Fiona, a bug who sees nothing special in herself, finds that her beautiful actions come to be reflected in her physical appearance.

📒Light Of The Firefly ✍ Lori Grant Kirk

♠Book Title : Light of the Firefly
✍Author : Lori Grant Kirk
♛Publisher : Tate Publishing
♣Release Date : 2008-02-01
✿Pages : 18
♠ISBN : 9781602477865
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Light of the Firefly Book Synopsis : Fireflies are an awesome sight in the summer as the sun sets. Light of the Firefly by author Lori Grant Kirk contemplates their creation and mystery from a childs point of view. Where does the light come from? Why not give light to the bee? Some day well know the answers from the creator Himself.

📒The Firefly Effect ✍ Kimberly Douglas

♠Book Title : The Firefly Effect
✍Author : Kimberly Douglas
♛Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
♣Release Date : 2009-04-22
✿Pages : 240
♠ISBN : 0470485434
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Firefly Effect Book Synopsis : How can you tap into your team’s creativity to tackle today’s toughest business challenges? In The Firefly Effect, Kimberly Douglas presents inspiring yet pragmatic insights into getting your entire team firing on all cylinders and aiming in the right direction. Comparing the difficult act of harnessing and capturing creativity to the act of catching fireflies on a summer night, she will explain: What to do when the fireflies don’t show up (or when creativity dries up) How to know when it’s time to find a new meadow (or a new approach, place or process) What to do if the leader is keeping too tight a lid on the jar (and team innovation is gasping for air) How to get inventive when it rains on your firefly hunt (or parade of ideas) What happens when everyone is too busy to join in (and group problems remain unresolved)

📒Good Night Firefly ✍ Gabriel Alborozo

♠Book Title : Good Night Firefly
✍Author : Gabriel Alborozo
♛Publisher : Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
♣Release Date : 2015-06-02
✿Pages : 32
♠ISBN : 9781627796668
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Good Night Firefly Book Synopsis : Nina is afraid of the dark. Luckily she has a nightlight, but one night the power goes out. So Nina traps a firefly to keep her company. She has a jolly time with her new friend, until she soon realizes that the firefly doesn't feel the same way, and she must let it go. This irresistible bedtime story has stunning black-and-white illustrations accented with glowing spots of color-as magical as fireflies themselves!

📒The Firefly ✍ Lucy Foley

♠Book Title : The Firefly
✍Author : Lucy Foley
♛Publisher :
♣Release Date : 2016-04-21
✿Pages : 416
♠ISBN : 0007575378
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Firefly Book Synopsis : The second epic, escapist novel from a fresh new talent - perfect for fans of Kate Morton and Victoria Hislop.