â™ Book Title : Daniel Goes to the Potty
✍Author :
â™›Publisher : Simon Spotlight
♣Release Date : 2014-09-23
âśżPages : 14
â™ ISBN : 1481420488
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Daniel Goes to the Potty Book Synopsis : A perfect new potty-training book for Daniel Tiger fans—push the button and hear the potty flush! Daniel and his dad are at Music Man Stan’s music shop when Daniel has to go to the potty. Will he have to wait until he gets home to use the bathroom? In this adaptation of a popular episode, Daniel learns that there are bathrooms in lots of places and that he can use the bathroom in the shop or anywhere else in the neighborhood. So remember: when you have to go potty, stop and go right away! This adorable book, with a button for kids to press to make the potty’s “flush” sound, is sure to be a hit with Daniel Tiger’s youngest fans! © 2014 The Fred Rogers Company.

📒Tiger Family Trip ✍ Becky Friedman

â™ Book Title : Tiger Family Trip
✍Author : Becky Friedman
â™›Publisher : Simon and Schuster
♣Release Date : 2017-03-28
âśżPages : 24
â™ ISBN : 9781481477451
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťTiger Family Trip Book Synopsis : -Based on the screenplay 'Tiger family trip,- written by Becky Friedman and Jennifer Hamburg.-

📒Breeding Like Rabbits ✍ Ardyce C. Whalen

â™ Book Title : Breeding Like Rabbits
✍Author : Ardyce C. Whalen
â™›Publisher : iUniverse
♣Release Date : 2017-07-06
âśżPages : 292
â™ ISBN : 9781532024160
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťBreeding Like Rabbits Book Synopsis : Britt Anderson is a college student without a plan for her future when her boyfriend, Andy Hughes, decides to join the navy. It is the early 1950s, and Britt is desperate to escape rural Minnesota and share an adventurous life with the man she loves. But as he begins boot camp in Chicago and she begins secretarial school in Minneapolis, Britt soon realizes that her journey to happiness will be more challenging than she realized. Despite objections from her family and others, Britt abandons her Lutheran roots, joins the Catholic Church, marries Andy, and assumes her wifely duties. A series of unfortunate events unfolds, including a surprise letter from an ex-boyfriend, causing Britt to vacillate between the past and the present. She wonders if their hasty marriage was a mistake. Just as shes having doubts about marriage, Britt becomes pregnant with the first of five children. As she and Andy are led down a difficult path dictated by the teachings of the Catholic Church, they must decide on a course of action that will save their marriage and Britts sanity before it is too late. Breeding like Rabbits shares the experiences of a Lutheran womans journey of self-discovery as she joins the Catholic Church and marries a US Navy sailor.

â™ Book Title : Tips and Tricks to Potty Training Your Dog
✍Author : Daniel William
â™›Publisher : Booktango
♣Release Date : 2012-09-17
âśżPages :
â™ ISBN : 9781468915129
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťTips and Tricks to Potty Training Your Dog Book Synopsis :

â™ Book Title : Mommy I Have to Go Potty
✍Author : Jan Faull
â™›Publisher : Raefield-Roberts Pub
♣Release Date : 1996
âśżPages : 132
â™ ISBN : 0965047709
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťMommy I Have to Go Potty Book Synopsis : Presents a guide to toilet training that offers tips and suggestions, not a strict training plan, with stories that detail the experiences of other parents.

📒Figure Instructor ✍ Lisa Bender

â™ Book Title : Figure Instructor
✍Author : Lisa Bender
â™›Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
♣Release Date : 2011-12-20
âśżPages : 504
â™ ISBN : 9781469134529
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Figure Instructor Book Synopsis : Anyone would not expect an axel full of drama in the world of competitive figure skating. Ever since dog trainer Daniel Gray met and fell in love with figure Ladies’ gold medalist, Sally Hunt, the way to trust Sally’s mother, Joy, was always filled with flipping words and little brackets of truth. His biggest fall from the blades happened after popping the question to Sally. The Pet trainer was forced to learn figure skating if he wanted his future in-laws to approve his request of marrying their daughter. As if that was not enough for Danny to deal with in life, he also needed to get over the fear of interacting to the dog’s owners in his Pet training job. His boss warned his dog trainer if he did not get the owners involved with his dog training technique before his next dog training evaluation, he was going to lose his job position. Danny was determined to win over his future in-laws and get over his fear in the training booth by going ice skating one Saturday afternoon. He met and befriend hard-core figure skater Allison Rigden. She was also Sally Hunt’s competitor. Not only Daniel Gray entered in the world of figure skating, Allison, a.k.a Ally-Loop, showed him how to be a better instructor for his Pet training job and he in returned helped Ally be more open toward other people, especially when it came to love for her with PHL’s Tiger Shark’s Captain, Richard McCarthy. As Danny comprehend figure skating on and off ice, he did see and learn about the mysterious drama that goes on between Joy and Sally during competition season. Little did the figure student know his Figure Instructor had kept a dark juicy secret behind Sally’s skating talent that did not involve the sunshine gold medalist to do long hours of figure practice on and off ice. After finding out the truth of his fiancee’s extraordinary skills and creating a plan to expose the Hunt’s cheating scheme, would Danny still want to be with his sunshine girl or was there going be a wedding for the once figure champ?

📒Ready Set Potty ✍ Brenda Batts

â™ Book Title : Ready Set Potty
✍Author : Brenda Batts
â™›Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
♣Release Date : 2011-03-15
âśżPages : 144
â™ ISBN : 0857003100
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťReady Set Potty Book Synopsis : Potty training a child with developmental disorders can be a real challenge, and sometimes the extra difficulties make you feel as though you've tried everything, and failed. In this book, Brenda Batts shows how you can overcome problems, big and small, and provides tried and tested methods that really work, tailored to each individual child. Bursting with ideas on how to see past conventional strategies and adapt toilet training to suit your child, this book outlines methods that have helped even the most despairing of parents and caregivers. Examples of success stories range from two-year-olds to adults aged 20, and show that no matter how difficult it may seem, a little creativity and adaptation can get anyone toilet trained, however many previous attempts have failed. The program itself is supported by plenty of helpful hints and tips, as Brenda covers all you need to get your child past the diaper stage and help them to achieve a big step towards independence. This book is a must for anybody looking to toilet train someone with developmental disorders.

â™ Book Title : Media Exposure During Infancy and Early Childhood
✍Author : Rachel Barr
â™›Publisher : Springer
♣Release Date : 2016-11-24
âśżPages : 303
â™ ISBN : 9783319451022
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Media Exposure During Infancy and Early Childhood Book Synopsis : This book discusses the burgeoning world of young children’s exposure to educational media and its myriad implications for research, theory, practice, and policy. Experts across academic disciplines and the media fill knowledge gaps and address concerns regarding apps, eBooks, and other screen-based technologies—which are being used by younger and younger children—and content delivery and design. Current research shows the developmental nuances of the child as learner in home, school, and mobile contexts, and the changes as parenting and pedagogy accommodate the complexities of the new interactive world. The book also covers methods for evaluating the quality of new media and prosocial digital innovations such as video support for separated families and specialized apps for at-risk toddlers. Highlights of the coverage: The role of content and context on learning and development from mobile media. Learning from TV and touchscreens during early childhood Educational preschool programming. How producers craft engaging characters to drive content delivery. The parental media mediation context of young children’s media use. Supporting children to find their own agency in learning. Media Exposure During Infancy and Early Childhood is an essential resource for researchers, clinicians and related professionals, and graduate students in diverse fields including infancy and early childhood development, child and school psychology, social work, pediatrics, and educational psychology.

â™ Book Title : Even Firefighters Go to the Potty
✍Author : Wendy Wax
â™›Publisher : Little Simon
♣Release Date : 2008-10-14
âśżPages : 22
â™ ISBN : 1416927204
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťEven Firefighters Go to the Potty Book Synopsis : Clang! Clang! Clang! The fire truck is pulling out of the station. But wait! Where is the firefighter going? To the potty! Even firefighters go to the potty! Toddlers are uneasy about toilet training. And in most cases, even if they know they have to go, sometimes they are too busy to bother. In this hilarious gate-fold story, each person--from a firefighter on the way to answer a fire alarm to a zoo keeper on the way to feed the polar bears--stops what they are doing to go to the potty. With humor and no pedantics, toddlers learn that everybody uses the potty.

📒Wild With Child ✍ Jennifer Bové

â™ Book Title : Wild with Child
✍Author : Jennifer Bové
â™›Publisher : Travelers' Tales
♣Release Date : 2010-05-25
âśżPages : 240
â™ ISBN : 9781932361971
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Wild with Child Book Synopsis : Wild with Child is a unique collection of true stories by parents who boldly head out into the wilderness with kids in tow (or in the lead, as the case may be). These stories run the gamut of adventure: winter camping, climbing, spelunking, field research, skiing, llama trekking, fishing, hunting, and searching for pirate treasure with children of all ages. Readers should bundle up before they strike out into the Rocky Mountains with Mark Jenkins, whose idea of quality time with the kids is camping in a snow cave. Leslie Leyland-Fields shares deep gratitude as her brood safely migrates to an Alaskan island by bush plane. Maleesha Speer confides her personal evolution as she awakens to the wonder of her unborn child in bear country. Whether just beginning the course of wild parenting or looking back at the trail they've taken, these writers aren't willing to accept Disneyland as the final frontier. Even the most civilized among them insist that their children grow up feeling grass between their toes and sun on their skin. It’s a healthy heritage, giving kids a steady set of bearings, making them strong, and helping them rise to challenges.