â™ Book Title : The Crisis of Multiculturalism in Europe
✍Author : Rita Chin
â™›Publisher : Princeton University Press
♣Release Date : 2017-08-15
âśżPages : 384
â™ ISBN : 9781400884902
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťThe Crisis of Multiculturalism in Europe Book Synopsis : A history of modern European cultural pluralism, its current crisis, and its uncertain future In 2010, the leaders of Germany, Britain, and France each declared that multiculturalism had failed in their countries. Over the past decade, a growing consensus in Europe has voiced similar decrees. But what do these ominous proclamations, from across the political spectrum, mean? From the influx of immigrants in the 1950s to contemporary worries about refugees and terrorism, The Crisis of Multiculturalism in Europe examines the historical development of multiculturalism on the Continent. Rita Chin argues that there were few efforts to institute state-sponsored policies of multiculturalism, and those that emerged were pronounced failures virtually from their inception. She shows that today's crisis of support for cultural pluralism isn't new but actually has its roots in the 1980s. Chin looks at the touchstones of European multiculturalism, from the urgent need for laborers after World War II to the public furor over the publication of The Satanic Verses and the question of French girls wearing headscarves to school. While many Muslim immigrants had lived in Europe for decades, in the 1980s they came to be defined by their religion and the public's preoccupation with gender relations. Acceptance of sexual equality became the critical gauge of Muslims' compatibility with Western values. The convergence of left and right around the defense of such personal freedoms against a putatively illiberal Islam has threatened to undermine commitment to pluralism as a core ideal. Chin contends that renouncing the principles of diversity brings social costs, particularly for the left, and she considers how Europe might construct an effective political engagement with its varied population. Challenging the mounting opposition to a diverse society, The Crisis of Multiculturalism in Europe presents a historical investigation into one continent's troubled relationship with cultural difference.

📒The Planning Of Change ✍ Warren G. Bennis

â™ Book Title : The Planning of change
✍Author : Warren G. Bennis
â™›Publisher : Holt Rinehart & Winston
♣Release Date : 1985-02
âśżPages : 487
â™ ISBN : UOM:49015000168147
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťThe Planning of change Book Synopsis :

📒Bilingualism ✍ Bee Chin Ng

â™ Book Title : Bilingualism
✍Author : Bee Chin Ng
â™›Publisher : Taylor & Francis
♣Release Date : 2007
âśżPages : 358
â™ ISBN : 9780415343862
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťBilingualism Book Synopsis : Written by experienced teachers and researchers in the field, 'Bilingualism' is an essential resource for students and researchers of Applied Linguistics. It introduces key issues and debates in the subject, and focuses on the impact of bilingualism on cognitive resources and the social forces that moderate it.

📒Privatising Culture ✍ Chin-Tao Wu

â™ Book Title : Privatising Culture
✍Author : Chin-Tao Wu
â™›Publisher : Verso
♣Release Date : 2003
âśżPages : 392
â™ ISBN : 1859844723
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťPrivatising Culture Book Synopsis : Chin-tao Wu offers a provocative contribution to the debate on public culture in Britain and America as she details the various ways in which business values and the free-market ethos have come to permeate the sphere of the visual arts since the 1980s. From Absolut Vodka's sponsorship of student art shows to BMW's logo on the banners advertising major art exhibitions, corporate sponsorship and business involvement in the visual arts have become increasingly common features of our cultural lives. Chin-tao Wu's book is the first concerted attempt to detail the various ways in which business values and the free-market ethos have come to permeate the sphere of the visual arts since the 1980s.It analyzes the role of government in injecting the principles of the free market into public arts agenciesin particular the Arts Council in Great Britain and the National Endowment for the Arts in the USA. It looks at the corporate take-over of art museums, highlighting the ways in which cultural capital can thereby be garnered by business elites; and it considers the ways in which corporations have succeeded in integrating themselves into the infrastructure of the art world itself by showcasing contemporary art in their own corporate premises.

â™ Book Title : Dialogues with Chin Peng
✍Author : C. C. Chin
â™›Publisher : NUS Press
♣Release Date : 2004-01
âśżPages : 413
â™ ISBN : 9971692872
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťDialogues with Chin Peng Book Synopsis : "Dialogues with Chin Peng: New Light on the Malayan Communist Party includes background papers, previously unseen Communist Party documents, propaganda posters, and other data. These materials, from both sides of the conflict, shed new light on the Malayan Communist Party, and present history as dialogue and debate."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

📒Below The Line ✍ Sara Chin

â™ Book Title : Below the Line
✍Author : Sara Chin
â™›Publisher : City Lights Books
♣Release Date : 1997-11-01
âśżPages : 147
â™ ISBN : 087286331X
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťBelow the Line Book Synopsis : An anthology in which Chinese-Americans try to make sense of their divided history and culture. In the title story, old men in Chinatown record their wills on videotape, in another a typhoon diverts a woman's plane to Taiwan, where she receives a lesson in family history.

📒Chin ✍ Larry McShane

â™ Book Title : Chin
✍Author : Larry McShane
â™›Publisher : Pinnacle
♣Release Date : 2016-11-29
âśżPages : 320
â™ ISBN : 9780786037056
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Chin Book Synopsis : VINCENT “CHIN” GIGANTE He started out as a professional boxer—until he found his true calling as a ruthless contract killer. Hand-picked by Vito Genovese to run the Genovese Family when Vito was sent to prison, Chin raked in more than $100 million for the Genovese family and routinely ordered the murders of mobsters who violated the Mafia code—including John Gotti. At the height of his power, he controlled an underworld empire of close to three hundred made men, making the Genovese Family the most powerful in the U.S. And yet Vincent “Chin” Gigante was, to all outside appearances, certifiably crazy. He wandered the streets of Greenwich Village in a ratty bathrobe and slippers. He urinated in public, played pinochle in storefronts, and hid a second family from his wife. On twenty-two occasions, he admitted himself to a mental hospital—evading criminal prosecution while insuring his continued reign as “The Oddfather.” It took nearly thirty years of endless psychiatric evaluations by a parade of puzzled doctors for federal authorities to finally bring him down. “A tale for the ages . . . grabs you with the immediacy of a breaking news story and carries you along as if you were living it.”—Michael Daly, The Daily Beast

â™ Book Title : Grammar and Christianity in the Late Roman World
✍Author : Catherine M. Chin
â™›Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press
♣Release Date : 2008
âśżPages : 272
â™ ISBN : 9780812240351
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťGrammar and Christianity in the Late Roman World Book Synopsis : Between the years 350 and 500 a large body of Latin artes grammaticae emerged, educational texts outlining the study of Latin grammar and attempting a systematic discussion of correct Latin usage. These texts--the most complete of which are attributed to Donatus, Charisius, Servius, Diomedes, Pompeius, and Priscian--have long been studied as documents in the history of linguistic theory and literary scholarship. In Grammar and Christianity in the Late Roman World, Catherine Chin instead finds within them an opportunity to probe the connections between religious ideology and literary culture in the later Roman Empire. To Chin, the production and use of these texts played a decisive role both in the construction of a pre-Christian classical culture and in the construction of Christianity as a religious entity bound to a religious text. In exploring themes of utopian writing, pedagogical violence, and the narration of the self, the book describes the multiple ways literary education contributed to the idea that the Roman Empire and its inhabitants were capable of converting from one culture to another, from classical to Christian. The study thus reexamines the tensions between these two idealized cultures in antiquity by suggesting that, on a literary level, they were produced simultaneously through reading and writing techniques that were common across the empire. In bringing together and reevaluating fundamental topics from the fields of religious studies, classics, education, and literary criticism, Grammar and Christianity in the Late Roman World offers readers from these disciplines the opportunity to reconsider the basic conditions under which religions and cultures interact.

📒The Other Side Of Paradise ✍ Staceyann Chin

â™ Book Title : The Other Side of Paradise
✍Author : Staceyann Chin
â™›Publisher : Simon and Schuster
♣Release Date : 2009-04-14
âśżPages : 288
â™ ISBN : 1439159378
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťThe Other Side of Paradise Book Synopsis : No one knew Staceyann's mother was pregnant until a dangerously small baby was born on the floor of her grandmother's house in Lottery, Jamaica, on Christmas Day. Staceyann's mother did not want her, and her father was not present. No one, except her grandmother, thought Staceyann would survive. It was her grandmother who nurtured and protected and provided for Staceyann and her older brother in the early years. But when the three were separated, Staceyann was thrust, alone, into an unfamiliar and dysfunctional home in Paradise, Jamaica. There, she faced far greater troubles than absent parents. So, armed with a fierce determination and uncommon intelligence, she discovered a way to break out of this harshly unforgiving world. Staceyann Chin, acclaimed and iconic performance artist, now brings her extraordinary talents to the page in a brave, lyrical, and fiercely candid memoir about growing up in Jamaica. She plumbs tender and unsettling memories as she writes about drifting from one home to the next, coming out as a lesbian, and finding the man she believes to be her father and ultimately her voice. Hers is an unforgettable story told with grace, humor, and courage.

📒Korean ✍ Suk-Jin Chang

â™ Book Title : Korean
✍Author : Suk-Jin Chang
â™›Publisher : John Benjamins Publishing
♣Release Date : 1996-01-01
âśżPages : 251
â™ ISBN : 9789027238047
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťKorean Book Synopsis : Spoken by nearly 70 million people not only within the Korean Peninsula but also in five continents, Korean is one of a dozen major languages of the world. Yet outside Korea it is not as much studied as it should be, nor has it acquired commensurate international recognition. With its difficult sound system, rich word formation patterns, and complex sentence structures, Korean is one of the most challenging to learn as a foreign language, yet there is little that is written in English about Korean. This book eminently fills this gap. The author presents Korean in a lucid and readable manner covering topics from scripts to sounds, from words to sentences, and from discourse to text analysis. It is therefore both comprehensive and concise. It avoids unnecessary details but includes all essential subjects, and describes them in a well-organized theory-free prose. This book should be a handy reference for both teachers and students of Korean, especially those abroad.