📒Born Standing Up ✍ Steve Martin

â™ Book Title : Born Standing Up
✍Author : Steve Martin
â™›Publisher : Simon and Schuster
♣Release Date : 2008-09-04
âśżPages : 224
â™ ISBN : 9781847395849
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťBorn Standing Up Book Synopsis : Steve Martin has been an international star for over thirty years. Here, for the first time, he looks back to the beginning of his career and charmingly evokes the young man he once was. Born in Texas but raised in California, Steve was seduced early by the comedy shows that played on the radio when the family travelled back and forth to visit relatives. When Disneyland opened just a couple of miles away from home, an enchanted Steve was given his first chance to learn magic and entertain an audience. He describes how he noted the reaction to each joke in a ledger - 'big laugh' or 'quiet' - and assiduously studied the acts of colleagues, stealing jokes when needed. With superb detail, Steve recreates the world of small, dark clubs and the fear and exhilaration of standing in the spotlight. While a philosophy student at UCLA, he worked hard at local clubs honing his comedy and slowly attracting a following until he was picked up to write for TV. From here on, Steve Martin became an acclaimed comedian, packing out venues nationwide. One night, however, he noticed empty seats and realised he had 'reached the top of the rollercoaster'. BORN STANDING UP is a funny and riveting chronicle of how Steve Martin became the comedy genius we now know and is also a fascinating portrait of an era.

â™ Book Title : The Most Intimate Revelations about Born Standing Up
✍Author : Jack Finning
â™›Publisher : Lennex
♣Release Date : 2013-03
âśżPages : 44
â™ ISBN : 5458976118
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťThe Most Intimate Revelations about Born Standing Up Book Synopsis : In this book, we have hand-picked the most sophisticated, unanticipated, absorbing (if not at times crackpot!), original and musing book reviews of "Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life." Don't say we didn't warn you: these reviews are known to shock with their unconventionality or intimacy. Some may be startled by their biting sincerity; others may be spellbound by their unbridled flights of fantasy. Don't buy this book if: 1. You don't have nerves of steel. 2. You expect to get pregnant in the next five minutes. 3. You've heard it all.

â™ Book Title : Conversations with Steve Martin
✍Author : Robert E. Kapsis
â™›Publisher : Univ. Press of Mississippi
♣Release Date : 2014-09-02
âśżPages : 320
â™ ISBN : 9781626743212
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Conversations with Steve Martin Book Synopsis : Conversations with Steve Martin presents a collection of interviews and profiles that focus on Martin as a writer, artist, and original thinker over the course of more than four decades in show business. While those less familiar with his full body of work may think of Martin as primarily the “wild and crazy guy” with an arrow through his head, this book makes the case that he is in fact one of our nation’s most accomplished and varied artists. It shows the full range of Martin’s creative work, tracing the source of his comic imagination from his early standup days, starting in the mid to late 1960s through the films he has written and starred in, and emphasizing his more recent creative outpourings as playwright, essayist, novelist, memoirist, songwriter, composer, musician, and art critic. “Standup is the hardest material in the world to write for someone else; it’s like trying to condense 10 years of experience into 20 minutes of new material.,” Martin says. But commenting on his fiction writing, he says. “I think you have to be able to find as a writer that state where you don’t know what you’re going to say or what the character is going to say or who the characters are. That’s the biggest thrill of all. When you start to trust that subconscious thing and you don’t censor yourself—just remember you can always throw it away—that’s when the good stuff comes out.” The selected materials consist not only of pieces focused primarily on Martin’s writings, but also broader profiles and conversations that help explain Martin’s development as a writer within the larger context of his many other accomplishments, talents, and performance skills.

â™ Book Title : Brothers Grimm Green Book
✍Author : Jacob Grimm
â™›Publisher : 2Language Books
♣Release Date : 1997
âśżPages : 830
â™ ISBN :
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Brothers Grimm Green Book Book Synopsis : BROTHERS GRIMM (GREEN BOOK): Spanish & English BRIEF SYNOPSIS: This book contains a selection of eleven stories from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s collection of German folk tales, originally published from 1812 -1815. The stories include: Cinderella (La Cenicienta) Rapunzel (Rapunzel) Sleeping Beauty (La Bella Durmiente) Little Red-Cap (Caperucita Roja) Hansel and Grethel (Hansel and Gretel) The Frog Prince (El Príncipe Rana) The Bremen Town Musicians (Los Músicos de Brema) Snow-White and Rose-Red (Blancanieve y Rojarosa) The Fisherman and his Wife (El Pescador y su Mujer) The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs (Los Tres Pelos de Oro del Diablo) The Young Giant (El Joven Gigante) 2LANGUAGE BOOKS: The dual-language text has been arranged into sentences, sub-paragraphs, and paragraphs, for quick and easy cross-referencing. You can also read the entire book in English or Spanish. The text has been modernised and amended to suit this dual language project. The emphasis is on attaining a high correlation between each set of text fragments. The original fables are in German. The Spanish text has been partly translated anew from the English. The English text has been in large part translated anew from Spanish. The reader can choose between four formats: Section 1: English to Spanish Section 2: Spanish to English Section 3: English Section 4: Spanish

📒Instinct ✍ Sherrilyn Kenyon

â™ Book Title : Instinct
✍Author : Sherrilyn Kenyon
â™›Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
♣Release Date : 2015-03-31
âśżPages : 368
â™ ISBN : 9781466868861
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťInstinct Book Synopsis : Being a teen is never easy... Zombies, demons, vampires, shapeshifters-another day in the life of sixteen-year-old Nick Gautier-and those are just his friends. But now that he's accepted the demon that lives inside him, he must learn to control it and temper the very emotions that threaten the lives of everyone he cares for. Something that's hard to do while trying to stay off the menus of those who want his head on a platter. And no one wants him more than the dark gods who created his race. Now that they know where he is, they will stop at nothing to reclaim him. And without knowing it, Nick has just embraced the one person he should never have trusted. The one person who will hand him over to his enemies to get back the life they lost. Nick has finally accepted his fate, now he must learn to defy his destiny, and the dark, deadly forces that will stop at nothing to destroy everyone he loves so that they can again return to the world of man and own it, in the next Chronicles of Nick novel, Instinct, from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon.

📒The King S Baker ✍ Rollin Woodruff

â™ Book Title : The King s Baker
✍Author : Rollin Woodruff
â™›Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
♣Release Date : 2013-02-18
âśżPages : 557
â™ ISBN : 9781479748976
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťThe King s Baker Book Synopsis : My days are numbered, and so I want you to know youre neither too bad nor bad enough to receive what some folks may have had planned for you. Some folks participate in control and use violence, oppression and the law of man to do criminal things to usually the innocent and/or those put in a defenceless position. They use their positions of authority to kill, maim and torture people who stray and for recourse swim in the blood of indifference. So, I wrote many books that puts their taboo on a short leash. So here we are toe to toe. Ive smoked packages of cigarettes a day far almost 40 years and have come to the conclusion that those whose mercy and trusting nature need a little more understanding because the fraud of the spiritually blind only meet out bogus control which when endured like a mouse is their cooperation. They cheat, they steal, they lie and they kill for this. So, enjoy it, this small fragment of unwavering hard core discipline that isnt afraid of neither anything nor anyone besides Christ Jesus when he is furious.

📒An Object Of Beauty ✍ Steve Martin

â™ Book Title : An Object of Beauty
✍Author : Steve Martin
â™›Publisher : Hachette UK
♣Release Date : 2010-11-25
âśżPages : 304
â™ ISBN : 9780297863311
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťAn Object of Beauty Book Synopsis : An irresistible look at the glamour and subterfuge of New York's art world, from bestselling author and Hollywood star Steve Martin. Lacey Yeager is beautiful, captivating, and ambitious enough to take the New York art world by storm. She begins her career at Sotheby's, amidst the winks and nods of the fabulously wealthy. But hungry for more - and pursued by a whiff of scandal - Lacey migrates to edgy Downtown, watching Hirsts and Warhols multiply in value before her eyes. Charming men and women, old and young, rich and even richer, Lacey's ascendancy seems assured. But when the art world bubble looks set to burst, a secret from her past rears its head, threatening to undermine everything she has worked for...

📒Designing Architecture ✍ Andrew Pressman

â™ Book Title : Designing Architecture
✍Author : Andrew Pressman
â™›Publisher : Routledge
♣Release Date : 2012-05-04
âśżPages : 208
â™ ISBN : 9781136331299
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Designing Architecture Book Synopsis : Designing Architecture is an indispensable tool to assist both students and young architects in formulating an idea, transforming it into a building, and making effective design decisions. This book promotes integrative and critical thinking in the preliminary design of buildings to inspire creativity, innovation, and design excellence. This compendium of individual wisdom and collective experience offers explicit guidance to students and young professionals on how to approach, analyze, and execute specific tasks; develop and refine a process to facilitate the best possible design projects; and create meaningful architectural form. Here the design process – from orchestrating client participation to finalizing schematic design – is explored and illuminated. The following material is presented to make the book a useful didactic tool for professional development: explicit strategies for doing design rather than simply reviewing principles and precedents creative ideas in approaching and framing problems in design terms specific methods to translate ideas to culturally significant, socially responsive, and environmentally sensitive buildings techniques to integrate all levels of cognition from analysis to epiphany counsel on developing a personalized process for engaging design projects case studies augment the text and chronicle fascinating applications of the design process. The essence of this book lies in an integrated and holistic approach to each unique project as well as fostering curiosity and exploration – a departure from algorithms, easy generalities, or a formula for design. Designing Architecture will inspire readers to elevate the quality of preliminary designs and unravel some of the mystery of creating the most beautiful, responsive, and responsible architectural design possible.

â™ Book Title : Rain Taxi
✍Author :
â™›Publisher :
♣Release Date : 2008
âśżPages :
â™ ISBN : STANFORD:36105133692157
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťRain Taxi Book Synopsis :

📒A Stab In The Dark ✍ Steve Martin

â™ Book Title : A Stab in the Dark
✍Author : Steve Martin
â™›Publisher : Lulu.com
♣Release Date : 2011-08
âśżPages : 232
â™ ISBN : 9781409222088
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťA Stab in the Dark Book Synopsis : My account of my time in the Territorial army