📒Abilene Stories ✍ Glenn Dromgoole

â™ Book Title : Abilene Stories
✍Author : Glenn Dromgoole
â™›Publisher : ACU Press
♣Release Date : 2013
âśżPages : 352
â™ ISBN : 0891123687
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťAbilene Stories Book Synopsis : Although Abilene has long lived in the shadows of the literary limelight, it has not been for a lack of good writing, good writers, and interesting stories. Now coming out of the shadows, "Abilene Stories: From Then to Now" offers a community scrapbook, a gathering of the civic congregation where more than a hundred friends have stopped by for a visit. The laughter is heavy and the smiles broad as stories are told and memories jogged. Pull up a chair next to Katharyn Duff as she shares a few historical chestnuts. Give your attention to Miss Tommie Clack for a ringside seat to the past. Step into the poetry of those who know this place well and a few who just observed it in passing. Appreciate the sharp insight of Pulitzer-nominated Frank Grimes, and listen for the personal element which A.C. Greene wove into nearly all of his writings. The collection begins with stories from before Abilene was Abilene and proceeds chronologically and topically to the present day with such pieces as "Let Them Eat Cactus," "A Hanging in Abilene," "Too Much Jazz and Not Enough Jesus," "How Camp Barkeley Shaped Abilene," "Alligator on the Loose," "Howitzer on the Hill," "Circlin' Mack's," "The Crape Myrtle Sex Scandal," and "The Last Day at Harold's." If Abilene is your hometown, or ever has been--that place where you feel completely comfortable, where you know the routine and breathe easy, where the sunset is a familiar hue--"Abilene Stories: From Then to Now" is an invitation to sit down and spend a little time in what A. C. Greene called "The Village of My Heart."

📒West Texas Stories ✍ Glenn Dromgoole

â™ Book Title : West Texas Stories
✍Author : Glenn Dromgoole
â™›Publisher : ACU Press
♣Release Date : 2016-09-13
âśżPages : 208
â™ ISBN : 9780891126744
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝West Texas Stories Book Synopsis : West Texas is a place filled with stories . . . This collection includes more than three dozen pieces—historical, nostalgic, dramatic, amusing, personal—by some of the Lone Star State’s best writers.

â™ Book Title : Ghost Stories of the Medical Profession
✍Author : Antonio Garcez
â™›Publisher : Red Rabbit Press
♣Release Date : 2013-09-26
âśżPages : 204
â™ ISBN : 9780974098821
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťGhost Stories of the Medical Profession Book Synopsis : A collection of first hand interviews with various medical professionals who have seen or experienced paranormal activity, spirits or ghosts associated with their places of employment and professions.

â™ Book Title : Experiencing America s Story through Fiction
✍Author : Hilary Susan Crew
â™›Publisher : American Library Association
♣Release Date : 2014-07-11
âśżPages : 208
â™ ISBN : 9780838912256
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Experiencing America s Story through Fiction Book Synopsis : Historical fiction helps young adults imagine the past through the lives and relationships of its protagonists, putting them at the center of fascinating times and places--and the new Common Core Standards allow for use of novels alongside textbooks for teaching history. Perfect for classroom use and YA readers’ advisory, Crew’s book highlights more than 150 titles of historical fiction published since 2000 that are appropriate for seventh to twelfth graders. Choosing award-winners as well as novels which have been well-reviewed in Booklist, The Horn Book,Multicultural Review, History Teach, Journal of American History, and other periodicals, this resource assists librarians and educators bySpotlighting novels with a multiplicity of voices from different cultures, races, and ethnicitiesFeaturing both YA novels and novels written for adults that are appropriate for teensOffering thorough annotations, with an examination of each novel’s historical contentProviding discussion questions and online resources for classroom use that encourage students to think critically about the book and compare ideas and events in the story to actual historyThis book will help teachers of history as well as school and public librarians who work with youth to promote a more inclusive understanding of America’s story through historical fiction.

📒Lost Abilene ✍ Jack E. North

â™ Book Title : Lost Abilene
✍Author : Jack E. North
â™›Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
♣Release Date : 2013
âśżPages : 127
â™ ISBN : 9780738596938
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťLost Abilene Book Synopsis : In 1881, the Texas & Pacific Railroad described Abilene as the "Future Great City of the West." While the train line was laying rails west out of Fort Worth, a group of ranchers, wanting the new town to become a prominent cattle-shipping point, selected the name Abilene after Abilene, Kansas, which was a main cattle-shipping town in the 1870s. With the arrival of the railroad to Abilene, this part of Texas opened up for settlement. Families rushed to establish the town and set up new businesses, but it was the military coming to Abilene that really made the city's population explode. Lost Abilene documents the early homes, businesses, schools, and entertainment that helped shape the city.

📒Old Times Sake ✍ James Reasoner

â™ Book Title : Old Times Sake
✍Author : James Reasoner
â™›Publisher : Lulu.com
♣Release Date : 2007-11
âśżPages : 190
â™ ISBN : 9781605430119
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťOld Times Sake Book Synopsis :

â™ Book Title : Stories of Old Time Oklahoma
✍Author : David Dary
â™›Publisher : University of Oklahoma Press
♣Release Date : 2015-02-10
âśżPages : 288
â™ ISBN : 9780806151717
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Stories of Old Time Oklahoma Book Synopsis : Do you know how Oklahoma came to have a panhandle? Did you know that Washington Irving once visited what is now Oklahoma? Can you name the official state rock, or list the courses in the official state meal? The answers to these questions, and others you may not have thought to ask, can be found in this engaging collection of tales by renowned journalist-historian David Dary. Most of the stories gathered here first appeared as newspaper articles during the state centennial in 2007. For this volume Dary has revised and expanded them—and added new ones. He begins with an overview of Oklahoma’s rich and varied history and geography, describing the origins of its trails, rails, and waterways and recounting the many tales of buried treasure that are part of Oklahoma lore. But the heart of any state is its people, and Dary introduces us to Oklahomans ranging from Indian leaders Quanah Parker and Satanta, to lawmen Bass Reeves and Bill Tilghman, to twentieth-century performing artists Woody Guthrie, Will Rogers, and Gene Autry. Dary also writes about forts and stagecoaches, cattle ranching and oil, outlaws and lawmen, inventors and politicians, and the names and pronunciation of Oklahoma towns. And he salutes such intellectual and artistic heroes as distinguished teacher and writer Angie Debo and artist and educator Oscar Jacobson, one of the first to focus world attention on Indian art. Reading this book is like listening to a knowledgeable old-timer regale his audience with historical anecdotes, “so it was said” tall tales, and musings on what it all means. Whether you’re a native of the Sooner State or a newcomer, you are sure to learn much from these accounts of the people, places, history, and folklore of Oklahoma.

â™ Book Title : The Best Cowboy Stories Ever Told
✍Author : Stephen Brennan
â™›Publisher : Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
♣Release Date : 2011
âśżPages : 558
â™ ISBN : 9781616082161
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťThe Best Cowboy Stories Ever Told Book Synopsis : Collects stories capturing different aspects of what it means to be a cowboy, from authors including Mark Twain, Andy Adams, and Zane Grey.

â™ Book Title : Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy K Z
✍Author : Jack Rabin
â™›Publisher : CRC Press
♣Release Date : 2003
âśżPages : 1318
â™ ISBN : 0824742990
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťEncyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy K Z Book Synopsis : From the Nuremberg trials to the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 to recent budget reconciliation bills, the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy provides detailed coverage of watershed policies and decisions from such fields as privatization, biomedical ethics, education, and diversity. This second edition features a wide range of new topics, including military administration, government procurement, social theory, and justice administration in developed democracies. It also addresses current issues such as the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and covers public administration in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and Latin America.

📒More Western Stories ✍ Author Burr Cook

â™ Book Title : More Western Stories
✍Author : Author Burr Cook
â™›Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
♣Release Date : 2015-07-11
âśżPages :
â™ ISBN : 9781312479500
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťMore Western Stories Book Synopsis : This book consists of 3 stories. 1. A short story about a family who travel with a wagon train to Colorado in search of gold. They follow the South Platte to Thompson Creek where they make their new home. The daughter falls in love with the wagon master who turns out to have a reputation as a gunfighter. They eventually strike it rich but the gunfighter gets in trouble with a sheriff and narrowly escapes a hanging by a rowdy posse. 2. A young man returns from World War I after being gassed in a trench in France. He falls in love with a nurse and moves to Arizona where he can breathe and gets better. 3. A western story about a young man going west from Illinois following the Civil War and after getting in trouble with the law. He meets his idol, Wild Bill Hickok along with Calamity Jane in Abilene, Kansas. He marries a saloon worker and plays a lot of poker and engages in gun fighting.