📒A Year Between Friends 3191 Miles Apart ✍ Maria Alexandra Vettese

â™ Book Title : A Year Between Friends 3191 Miles Apart
✍Author : Maria Alexandra Vettese
â™›Publisher : Abrams
♣Release Date : 2016-11-08
âśżPages : 160
â™ ISBN : 9781613129951
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝A Year Between Friends 3191 Miles Apart Book Synopsis : An exploration of 365 days of shared experiences between two friends on opposite sides of the country, inspired by their blog, 3191 Miles Apart. Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes share a love of art and design, handmade pleasures, and a well-lived domestic life. Almost a decade ago, they began their first year-long project together, posting a photo from each of their mornings on their blog, 3191 Miles Apart, named for the distance between their homes in Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon. 3191 Miles Apart quickly acquired a worldwide following of readers drawn in by the delicate intimacy of their shared experiences. A Year Between Friends celebrates their most recent project together—a visual representation of 2015, month-by-month, side-by-side, but miles apart. In addition to 400 photographs recording their daily inspirations and creative undertakings and a foreword from New York Times bestselling author Molly Wizenberg, this unique collaboration expands on their prior work with over 25 handmade crafts and seasonal recipes, notes on simple living, and personal stories that follow the tide of a year filled with new life, change, and loss. It is an intimate joint portrait revealed through photographic snippets—mending a sweater, making a mobile from a cherished collection, creating fabric dyes from natural materials, baking scones—that defies distance through the celebration of shared moments of calmness, warmth, and family. Both aspirational and down-to-earth, A Year Between Friends is an inspiring visual love letter to friendship and creativity, a timeless reminder to appreciate life one day at a time, to slow down, to cherish simplicity, and to make the extra effort to do things with care and with the people we love.

📒Between Friends ✍ Helen Levine

â™ Book Title : Between Friends
✍Author : Helen Levine
â™›Publisher : Second Story Press
♣Release Date : 2005-01-01
âśżPages : 280
â™ ISBN : 9781926739076
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťBetween Friends Book Synopsis : Longtime friends Helen Levine and Oonagh Berry decided they missed the tradition of "real" letters. The obvious solution for them was to initiate a correspondence project. Their goal? To write each other a longhand letter every two weeks for a year, and see what, if anything, they were missing in their usual friendship rituals of lunches, visits and telephone chats. The result is a wealth of insights yielded from over 150 years of combined life experience. Week in and week out, Helen and Oonagh weave together tales of family, work, politics, motherhood, aging and creativity. Reading Between Friends is like sharing a warm pot of tea with two frank, articulate and experienced companions.

📒Between Friends ✍ Robert William Chambers

â™ Book Title : Between Friends
✍Author : Robert William Chambers
â™›Publisher : Booklassic
♣Release Date : 2015-07-07
âśżPages : 29
â™ ISBN : 9789635222551
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťBetween Friends Book Synopsis : Between Friends was written in the year 1914 by Robert William Chambers. This book is one of the most popular novels of Robert William Chambers, and has been translated into several other languages around the world. This book is published by Booklassic which brings young readers closer to classic literature globally.

📒Between Friends ✍ Debbie Macomber

â™ Book Title : Between Friends
✍Author : Debbie Macomber
â™›Publisher : MIRA
♣Release Date : 2011-02-01
âśżPages : 400
â™ ISBN : 142688432X
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Between Friends Book Synopsis : Jillian Lawton and Lesley Adamski. Two girls from very different backgrounds. Jillian is the only child of wealthy parents, while Lesley's from a working-class family. They become best friends in the turbulent '60s, but their circumstances, their choices—and their mistakes—take them in virtually opposite directions. Lesley stays in their Washington State hometown. She gets pregnant and marries young, living a life defined by the demands of small children, not enough money—never enough money—and an unfaithful husband. Jill lives those years in a completely different way: on a college campus shaken by the Vietnam War, and then as an idealistic young lawyer in New York City. But they always remain friends. Through the years and across the miles, through marriage, children, divorce and widowhood, Jill and Lesley confide everything to each other—every grief and every joy. Because the quality of a friendship is the quality of a life.

📒Between Friends ✍ Audrey Howard

â™ Book Title : Between Friends
✍Author : Audrey Howard
â™›Publisher : Random House
♣Release Date : 2012-03-31
âśżPages : 544
â™ ISBN : 9781448106059
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťBetween Friends Book Synopsis : Brought together by friendship, torn apart by love... Meg Hughes, Tom Fraser and Martin Hunter were friends who had grown up together in the grinding poverty of a Liverpool orphanage. Their prospects looked bleak until the friends were sent to help out at Hemingway Shipping Line's emigrant lodging house. Then their youthful high spirits blossomed into their plans for the future. But the First World War brought an end to those plans, and threatened to separate them. As time passes, Meg grows more and more beautiful, and the love the two men feel for her becomes passionately possessive. Meg, in different ways, is in love with both Tom and Martin . . . and is to bear a child by one of them. Grief and suffering, as well as happiness and hope, must all play their part before the childhood friends' deep and complex relationships are finally and tragically resolved.

📒Among Friends ✍ Murray Naylor

â™ Book Title : Among Friends
✍Author : Murray Naylor
â™›Publisher : Pen and Sword
♣Release Date : 1995-06-26
âśżPages : 304
â™ ISBN : 9781473811812
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťAmong Friends Book Synopsis : This book provides a complete insight into the history of the Scots guards from 1956-1993.

📒Between Friends ✍ Steve Kucinski

â™ Book Title : Between Friends
✍Author : Steve Kucinski
â™›Publisher : iUniverse
♣Release Date : 2000-01-01
âśżPages : 148
â™ ISBN : 9780595097906
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Between Friends Book Synopsis : Jennie McClain is trying to fit in with the rest of the kids. With the exception of her friends Karyn and Brian, she is something of an outcast. Even though she plays basketball for Kennedy Jr. High, her serious approach towards school has kept her apart from other kids. Her eighth grade year starts off with some tense moments in English class with the meanest teacher she has ever met. Mr. K seems to enjoy scaring the kids. Eventually, Jennie becomes friends with him, but then when a teacher disappears, rumors of an affair surface and he is accused of murder. Jennie looks to her friends to help her save Mr. K but finds things between them have changed. Pretty soon, she starts to believe Mr. K might have done it. In the end, it’s a race to save Mr. K and her friendships.

📒Just Between Friends ✍ Julianna Morris

â™ Book Title : Just Between Friends
✍Author : Julianna Morris
â™›Publisher : Silhouette
♣Release Date : 2014-06-15
âśżPages : 192
â™ ISBN : 9781460354421
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Just Between Friends Book Synopsis : They've been stick-up-for-each-other friends since they were kids. But now Katrina Douglas was beautiful, all grown up…and still asking for her best buddy's help. Only this time, she didn't want Dylan as her stand-in date at isome stuffy charity event—she wanted him as her full-time husband! And Dylan O'Rourke would do almost anything for Kate. Even walk down the aisle and tie the temporary knot with a little white "I do" lie. But playing husband meant living with a friend who seemed more like a sexy woman—his woman—every day. Suddenly, being "just friends" didn't seem like enough….

📒Between Friends ✍ D.L. Sparks

â™ Book Title : Between Friends
✍Author : D.L. Sparks
â™›Publisher : Urban Books
♣Release Date : 2012-01-01
âśżPages : 320
â™ ISBN : 9781599832548
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťBetween Friends Book Synopsis : Growing up in single-parent homes in Atlanta, Orlando "Trip" Spencer III and Aaron "Ace" Moore were so close that you would've thought they were brothers. Their friendship wasn't without problems, though. Competitive by nature, Trip and Ace had a rivalry not only on the football field, but also when it came to women. Now their differences are complicating things in their work as members of law enforcement. Trip has left Atlanta and moved up the ranks to become a member of the DEA, while Ace is an officer for the Atlanta Police Department. Trip plays by the rules, but Ace believes that structure is what gets cops killed. He plays by his own rules, and runs the streets with an iron fist. When the DEA is called in to investigate a string of murders that appear to be drug-related, Trip is uneasy about the return to his hometown. The investigation takes an astonishing turn when a fellow officer turns out to be the key suspect. Now it's up to Trip to figure out the "who, what and why" and put a stop to the senseless slaughters taking place on the streets of the Dirty South. With Trip in town, Ace knows he has a lot at stake and old friend or not, he refuses to let Trip Spencer jeopardize what he's worked so hard to gain. Will Trip and Ace be able to avoid the collision course they've been on all these years, or will they crash and explode, taking down everyone and everything, including their own careers? There is no telling what can happen when truths are revealed Between Friends.

📒A Marriage Between Friends ✍ Melinda Curtis

â™ Book Title : A Marriage Between Friends
✍Author : Melinda Curtis
â™›Publisher : Harlequin
♣Release Date : 2008-07-01
âśżPages : 256
â™ ISBN : 9781426819605
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝A Marriage Between Friends Book Synopsis : They were just friends when they got married. Jill desperately needed a father for her unborn child, and Vince Patrizio wanted to give them both his name. And if Jill could ever learn to love him, he'd consider himself a fortunate man. Then Jill walked out of his life. But eleven years later, it's Vince's turn to have his say. Arriving in Jill's sleepy California town, he has plans to transform it into a mini Vegas…to reclaim his wife…and to meet the son who should have been theirs. And Vince isn't leaving until he gets what he came for.