📒A Mind For Numbers ✍ Barbara Oakley

â™ Book Title : A Mind For Numbers
✍Author : Barbara Oakley
â™›Publisher : Penguin
♣Release Date : 2014-07-31
âśżPages : 336
â™ ISBN : 9781101621615
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝A Mind For Numbers Book Synopsis : The companion book to COURSERA®'s wildly popular massive open online course "Learning How to Learn" Whether you are a student struggling to fulfill a math or science requirement, or you are embarking on a career change that requires a new skill set, A Mind for Numbers offers the tools you need to get a better grasp of that intimidating material. Engineering professor Barbara Oakley knows firsthand how it feels to struggle with math. She flunked her way through high school math and science courses, before enlisting in the army immediately after graduation. When she saw how her lack of mathematical and technical savvy severely limited her options—both to rise in the military and to explore other careers—she returned to school with a newfound determination to re-tool her brain to master the very subjects that had given her so much trouble throughout her entire life. In A Mind for Numbers, Dr. Oakley lets us in on the secrets to learning effectively—secrets that even dedicated and successful students wish they’d known earlier. Contrary to popular belief, math requires creative, as well as analytical, thinking. Most people think that there’s only one way to do a problem, when in actuality, there are often a number of different solutions—you just need the creativity to see them. For example, there are more than three hundred different known proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem. In short, studying a problem in a laser-focused way until you reach a solution is not an effective way to learn. Rather, it involves taking the time to step away from a problem and allow the more relaxed and creative part of the brain to take over. The learning strategies in this book apply not only to math and science, but to any subject in which we struggle. We all have what it takes to excel in areas that don't seem to come naturally to us at first, and learning them does not have to be as painful as we might think! From the Trade Paperback edition.

📒A Mind For Numbers ✍ Barbara A. Oakley

â™ Book Title : A Mind for Numbers
✍Author : Barbara A. Oakley
â™›Publisher : J P Tarcher
♣Release Date : 2014
âśżPages : 316
â™ ISBN : 9780399165245
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťA Mind for Numbers Book Synopsis : An engineering professor who started out doing poorly in mathematical and technical subjects in school offers tools, tips and techniques to learning the creative and analytical thought processes that will lead to achievement in math and science. Original.

📒Mindshift ✍ Barbara Oakley

â™ Book Title : Mindshift
✍Author : Barbara Oakley
â™›Publisher : Penguin
♣Release Date : 2017-04-18
âśżPages : 304
â™ ISBN : 9780399184086
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Mindshift Book Synopsis : Mindshift reveals how we can overcome stereotypes and preconceived ideas about what is possible for us to learn and become. At a time when we are constantly being asked to retrain and reinvent ourselves to adapt to new technologies and changing industries, this book shows us how we can uncover and develop talents we didn’t realize we had—no matter what our age or background. We’re often told to “follow our passions.” But in Mindshift, Dr. Barbara Oakley shows us how we can broaden our passions. Drawing on the latest neuroscientific insights, Dr. Oakley shepherds us past simplistic ideas of “aptitude” and “ability,” which provide only a snapshot of who we are now—with little consideration about how we can change. Even seemingly “bad” traits, such as a poor memory, come with hidden advantages—like increased creativity. Profiling people from around the world who have overcome learning limitations of all kinds, Dr. Oakley shows us how we can turn perceived weaknesses, such as impostor syndrome and advancing age, into strengths. People may feel like they’re at a disadvantage if they pursue a new field later in life; yet those who change careers can be fertile cross-pollinators: They bring valuable insights from one discipline to another. Dr. Oakley teaches us strategies for learning that are backed by neuroscience so that we can realize the joy and benefits of a learning lifestyle. Mindshift takes us deep inside the world of how people change and grow. Our biggest stumbling blocks can be our own preconceptions, but with the right mental insights, we can tap into hidden potential and create new opportunities. From the Trade Paperback edition.

📒Fluent Forever ✍ Gabriel Wyner

â™ Book Title : Fluent Forever
✍Author : Gabriel Wyner
â™›Publisher : Harmony
♣Release Date : 2014-08-05
âśżPages : 336
â™ ISBN : 9780385348102
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Fluent Forever Book Synopsis : The ultimate rapid language-learning guide! For those who’ve despaired of ever learning a foreign language, here, finally, is a book that will make the words stick. At thirty years old, Gabriel Wyner speaks six languages fluently. He didn’t learn them in school -- who does? -- rather, he learned them in the past few years, working on his own and practicing on the subway, using simple techniques and free online resources. In Fluent Forever Wyner reveals what he’s discovered. The greatest challenge to learning a foreign language is the challenge of memory; there are just too many words and too many rules. For every new word we learn, we seem to forget two old ones, and as a result, fluency can seem out of reach. Fluent Forever tackles this challenge head-on. With empathy for the language-challenged and abundant humor, Wyner deconstructs the learning process, revealing how to build a foreign language in your mind from the ground up. Starting with pronunciation, you’ll learn how to rewire your ears and turn foreign sounds into familiar sounds. You'll retrain your tongue to produce those sounds accurately, using tricks from opera singers and actors. Next, you'll begin to tackle words, and connect sounds and spellings to imagery, rather than translations, which will enable you to think in a foreign language. And with the help of sophisticated spaced-repetition techniques, you'll be able to memorize hundreds of words a month in minutes every day. Soon, you'll gain the ability to learn grammar and more difficult abstract words--without the tedious drills and exercises of language classes and grammar books. This is brain hacking at its most exciting, taking what we know about neuroscience and linguistics and using it to create the most efficient and enjoyable way to learn a foreign language in the spare minutes of your day.

📒Thinking In Numbers ✍ Daniel Tammet

â™ Book Title : Thinking in Numbers
✍Author : Daniel Tammet
â™›Publisher :
♣Release Date : 2014-07-01
âśżPages : 139
â™ ISBN : 0316250791
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťThinking in Numbers Book Synopsis : The book that Daniel Tammet, bestselling author and mathematical savant, was born to write. In Tammet's world, numbers are beautiful and mathematics illuminates our lives and minds. Using anecdotes, everyday examples, and ruminations on history, literature, and more, Tammet allows us to share his unique insights and delight in the way numbers, fractions, and equations underpin all our lives. His idiosyncratic worldview gives us new perspecttives on the universal questions of what it is to be human and how we make meaning. This book will change the way you think about math and fire your imagination to see the world with fresh eyes.--From publisher description.

📒If ✍ David J. Smith

â™ Book Title : If
✍Author : David J. Smith
â™›Publisher : Kids Can Press Ltd
♣Release Date : 2014-08-01
âśżPages : 40
â™ ISBN : 9781894786348
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťIf Book Synopsis : If the Solar SystemĂŤs planets were shrunk down to the size of sports balls, and Earth were the size of a baseball, what size would the other planets be? If your lifespan was represented by a pizza divided into twelve slices, how many slices would represent your time spent in school? These questions and more are explored in this innovative and visually appealing book about very big concepts made accessible when scaled down to kid-friendly size.

📒Make It Stick ✍ Peter C. Brown

â™ Book Title : Make It Stick
✍Author : Peter C. Brown
â™›Publisher : Harvard University Press
♣Release Date : 2014-04-14
âśżPages : 313
â™ ISBN : 9780674729018
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťMake It Stick Book Synopsis : Discusses the best methods of learning, describing how rereading and rote repetition are counterproductive and how such techniques as self-testing, spaced retrieval, and finding additional layers of information in new material can enhance learning.

📒How We Learn ✍ Benedict Carey

â™ Book Title : How We Learn
✍Author : Benedict Carey
â™›Publisher : Pan Macmillan
♣Release Date : 2014-09-11
âśżPages : 304
â™ ISBN : 9781447252108
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťHow We Learn Book Synopsis : This book will help you to learn Spanish - or the Spanish guitar - faster. This book will give an athlete the edge to turn Silver into Gold. This book will give any child the chance to perform better in exams. Full stop. How We Learn is a landmark book that shakes up everything we thought we knew about how the brain absorbs and retains information. Filled with powerful - and often thrillingly counter-intuitive - wisdom, stories and practical tips, it gets to the very heart of the learning process; and gives us the keys to reach our very fullest potential in every walk of life. 'This book is a revelation. I feel as if I've owned a brain for 54 years and only now discovered the operating manual . . . Benedict Carey serves up fascinating, surprising and valuable discoveries with clarity, wit, and heart.' Mary Roach, bestselling author of Stiff 'Whether you struggle to remember a client's name, aspire to learn a new language, or are a student battling to prepare for the next test, this book is a must. I know of no other source that pulls together so much of what we know about the science of memory, and couples it with practical, practicable advice.' Daniel T. Willingham, Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia 'Buy this book for yourself and for anyone who wants to learn faster and better.' Daniel Coyle, bestselling author of The Talent Code 'As fun to read as it is important, and as much about how to live as it is about how to learn. Benedict Carey's skills as a writer, plus his willingness to mine his own history as a student, give the book a wonderful narrative quality that makes it all the more accessible - and all the more effective as a tutorial.' Robert A. Bjork, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of California

â™ Book Title : A MIND for NUMBERS at Any Age
✍Author : Winston Duncan
â™›Publisher :
♣Release Date : 2015-04-04
âśżPages : 72
â™ ISBN : 1511581514
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťA MIND for NUMBERS at Any Age Book Synopsis : Are you facing classes in math and science this semester? Will you have to interpret data from graphs and charts in your job? Would you like to be a better gambler? Or sharpen your money skills?No longer will you need to tell yourself that you are "not good with figures" once you've Read Winston J. Duncan's book A Mind for Numbers; How to Exercise Your Brain To Think Like a Scientist. Many of us struggled our way through math and science classes in school and were relieved once the semester was over. Duncan recognizes this and begins his book with what scientific thinking actually is: thinking strategically, or methodically. A Mind for Numbers states a true but little known fact: that scientific thinkers' minds actually grow stronger over their lifespans, as the mind of a non-scientific thinker grows weaker during the same time span. This is because scientists and their peers are constantly focused on solving problems and developing and honing theories to explain phenomema: they are constantly exercising their brains! Duncan's exercise's will improve our brains' speed, accuracy, focus and clarity, regardless of our ages or previous mental activity level. If you feel like you're suffering from a foggy mindset lately, this could be the cure! A Mind for Numbers asks us to recall the processes we were to apply in school to mathematical and scientific questions. It's this process-oriented thinking that enables scientists and mathematicians to organize their thoughts. Duncan then outlines a detailed but easily adaptable plan for process-based thinking that readers can apply to any problem in their own lives, highlighting the purpose of each step for clarification. The next phase of A Mind for Numbers deals with observational thinking, or retaining lots of different pieces of data about something we've experienced. Observational thinking is important not only for scientists and mathematicians, but also law enforcement officials and those in medicine. Duncan takes readers past the basic senses and shows us the depth of a scientists observational prowess, displaying the level of detail we should work towards operating. The reader sees how all of these sometimes minute pieces of data give him an edge in solving his problem or making a prediction. Then we arrive at the educational guess, or hypothesis used in scientific thinking. Duncan shows readers how to easily formulate a hypothesis and test it to see how close our assertion is. Duncan prepares us for repetition of this process, just as scientists themselves repeat it, sometimes often, in order to get to a solution. This version of A Mind for Numbers includes a bonus chapter on making solid predictions about just about anything. DUncan shows us how to incorporate all of the steps of the scientific method of thinking into the prediction-making process. Here, the observation of experience is especially important, and Duncan explains why. DUncan also includes brainstorming methods that can bring with them breakthrough ideas - perfect for someone looking to make their mark in science, engineering, writing and business! ***Limited Edition***

📒A Mind That Found Itself ✍ Clifford Whittingham Beers

â™ Book Title : A Mind That Found Itself
✍Author : Clifford Whittingham Beers
â™›Publisher : 1st World Publishing
♣Release Date : 2006-12-20
âśżPages : 212
â™ ISBN : 9781421831312
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťA Mind That Found Itself Book Synopsis : This story is derived from as human a document as ever existed; and, because of its uncommon nature, perhaps no one thing contributes so much to its value as its authenticity. It is an autobiography, and more: in part it is a biography; for, in telling the story of my life, I must relate the history of another self-a self which was dominant from my twenty-fourth to my twenty-sixth year. During that period I was unlike what I had been, or what I have been since. The biographical part of my autobiography might be called the history of a mental civil war, which I fought single-handed on a battlefield that lay within the compass of my skull. An Army of Unreason, composed of the cunning and treacherous thoughts of an unfair foe, attacked my bewildered consciousness with cruel persistency, and would have destroyed me, had not a triumphant Reason finally interposed a superior strategy that saved me from my unnatural self.

📒Radical Equations ✍ Robert Moses

â™ Book Title : Radical Equations
✍Author : Robert Moses
â™›Publisher : Beacon Press
♣Release Date : 2002-06-10
âśżPages : 256
â™ ISBN : 9780807031698
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťRadical Equations Book Synopsis : At a time when popular solutions to the educational plight of poor children of color are imposed from the outside-national standards, high-stakes tests, charismatic individual saviors-the acclaimed Algebra Project and its founder, Robert Moses, offer a vision of school reform based in the power of communities. Begun in 1982, the Algebra Project is transforming math education in twenty-five cities. Founded on the belief that math-science literacy is a prerequisite for full citizenship in society, the Project works with entire communities-parents, teachers, and especially students-to create a culture of literacy around algebra, a crucial stepping-stone to college math and opportunity. Telling the story of this remarkable program, Robert Moses draws on lessons from the 1960s Southern voter registration he famously helped organize: 'Everyone said sharecroppers didn't want to vote. It wasn't until we got them demanding to vote that we got attention. Today, when kids are falling wholesale through the cracks, people say they don't want to learn. We have to get the kids themselves to demand what everyone says they don't want.' We see the Algebra Project organizing community by community. Older kids serve as coaches for younger students and build a self-sustained tradition of leadership. Teachers use innovative techniques. And we see the remarkable success stories of schools like the predominately poor Hart School in Bessemer, Alabama, which outscored the city's middle-class flagship school in just three years. Radical Equations provides a model for anyone looking for a community-based solution to the problems of our disadvantaged schools. From the Trade Paperback edition.

📒Mind Hacking ✍ John Hargrave

â™ Book Title : Mind Hacking
✍Author : John Hargrave
â™›Publisher : Simon and Schuster
♣Release Date : 2016-01-05
âśżPages : 240
â™ ISBN : 9781501105654
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťMind Hacking Book Synopsis : Presents a twenty-one-day, three-step training program to achieve healthier thought patterns for a better quality of life by using the repetitive steps of analyzing, imagining, and reprogramming to help break down the barriers, including negative thought loops and mental roadblocks.

📒Playing With Fire ✍ Mike Fairclough

â™ Book Title : Playing With Fire
✍Author : Mike Fairclough
â™›Publisher :
♣Release Date : 2016-09-23
âśżPages : 96
â™ ISBN : 1911382071
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťPlaying With Fire Book Synopsis : There is a misconception, within the teaching profession and the general public, that the establishment are against children being exposed to danger and that schools are prevented from giving children experiences which involve risk. In this superb book, Mike Fairclough, headmaster at West Rise Junior School, has blown that theory out of the water.

â™ Book Title : Train Your Mind for Peak Performance
✍Author : Lyle Eugene Bourne
â™›Publisher : Amer Psychological Assn
♣Release Date : 2013-11-01
âśżPages : 131
â™ ISBN : 1433816172
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťTrain Your Mind for Peak Performance Book Synopsis : Whether you're training to play the piano, speak a foreign language, shoot a target, or master the techniques of fine carpentry, the conditions of your training will affect how successfully you learn and perform.

📒Short Cut Math ✍ Gerard W. Kelly

â™ Book Title : Short Cut Math
✍Author : Gerard W. Kelly
â™›Publisher : Courier Corporation
♣Release Date : 2014-11-18
âśżPages : 112
â™ ISBN : 9780486131528
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťShort Cut Math Book Synopsis : Clear, concise compendium of about 150 time-saving math short-cuts features faster, easier ways to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Each problem includes an explanation of the method. No special math ability needed.

â™ Book Title : Mathematics Education for a New Era
✍Author : Keith Devlin
â™›Publisher : CRC Press
♣Release Date : 2011-02-25
âśżPages : 218
â™ ISBN : 9781439867716
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťMathematics Education for a New Era Book Synopsis : Stanford mathematician and NPR Math Guy Keith Devlin explains why, fun aside, video games are the ideal medium to teach middle-school math. Aimed primarily at teachers and education researchers, but also of interest to game developers who want to produce videogames for mathematics education, Mathematics Education for a New Era: Video Games as a Medium for Learning describes exactly what is involved in designing and producing successful math educational videogames that foster the innovative mathematical thinking skills necessary for success in a global economy. Read the author's monthly MAA column Devlin's Angle

â™ Book Title : Workbook a Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley
✍Author : John Gore
â™›Publisher :
♣Release Date : 2014-07-21
âśżPages : 66
â™ ISBN : 1500589411
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťWorkbook a Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley Book Synopsis : A 30 day workbook for turning words into actions and actions into results Imagine 2 scenarios. In the first one you have just finished reading A Mind For Numbers by Barbara Oakley. It was a great book and you remember that it mentioned a lot of smart things. But you can't remember much of it now as you close the book. In the second scenario you have just finished the same book. The difference now is that you have a plan for how to implement this new knowledge to improve your life. Most people will find themselves in scenario one. We believe that reading is an investment. You spend time with a book because you hope that it will make you happier, healthier, wealthier or smarter. But simply just reading a great book is not enough. You have to take action! This workbook helps you do just that and makes it easier for you to make real changes from the books you read.

📒Teaching And Learning Stem ✍ Richard M. Felder

â™ Book Title : Teaching and Learning STEM
✍Author : Richard M. Felder
â™›Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
♣Release Date : 2016-03-07
âśżPages : 336
â™ ISBN : 9781118925812
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťTeaching and Learning STEM Book Synopsis : Rethink traditional teaching methods to improve student learning and retention in STEM Educational research has repeatedly shown that compared to traditional teacher-centered instruction, certain learner-centered methods lead to improved learning outcomes, greater development of critical high-level skills, and increased retention in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Teaching and Learning STEM presents a trove of practical research-based strategies for designing and teaching courses and assessing students' learning. The book draws on the authors' extensive backgrounds and decades of experience in STEM education and faculty development. Its engaging and well-illustrated descriptions will equip you to implement the strategies in your courses and to deal effectively with problems (including student resistance) that might occur in the implementation. The book will help you: Plan and conduct class sessions in which students are actively engaged, no matter how large the class is Make good use of technology in face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses and flipped classrooms Assess how well students are acquiring the knowledge, skills, and conceptual understanding the course is designed to teach Help students develop expert problem-solving skills and skills in communication, creative thinking, critical thinking, high-performance teamwork, and self-directed learning Meet the learning needs of STEM students with a broad diversity of attributes and backgrounds The strategies presented in Teaching and Learning STEM don't require revolutionary time-intensive changes in your teaching, but rather a gradual integration of traditional and new methods. The result will be continual improvement in your teaching and your students' learning.

â™ Book Title : Peak Learning
✍Author :
â™›Publisher : Tarcher
♣Release Date : 1999
âśżPages : 320
â™ ISBN : 087477957X
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťPeak Learning Book Synopsis : Explains how to find a personal learning style, break through personal learning blocks, and mobilize one's critical and creative powers

📒The Magic Of Maths ✍ Arthur Benjamin

â™ Book Title : The Magic of Maths
✍Author : Arthur Benjamin
â™›Publisher : Basic Books
♣Release Date : 2015-09-08
âśżPages : 336
â™ ISBN : 9780465098750
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Magic of Maths Book Synopsis : The Magic of Maths is the maths book you wish you had in school. Using a delightful assortment of examples—from ice cream scoops and poker hands to measuring mountains and making magic squares—this book empowers you to see the beauty, simplicity, and truly magical properties behind those formulas and equations that once left your head spinning. You'll learn the key ideas of classic areas of mathematics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus, but you'll also have fun fooling around with Fibonacci numbers, investigating infinity, and marveling over mathematical magic tricks that will make you look like a maths genius! A mathematician who is known throughout the world as the “mathemagician,” Arthur Benjamin mixes mathematics and magic to make the subject fun, attractive, and easy to understand. In The Magic of Maths, Benjamin does more than just teach skills: with a tip of his magic hat, he takes you on as his apprentice to teach you how to appreciate maths the way he does. He motivates you to learn something new about how to solve for x, because there is real pleasure to be found in the solution to a challenging problem or in using numbers to do something useful. But what he really wants you to do is be able to figure out why, for that's where you'll find the real beauty, power, and magic of maths. If you are already someone who likes maths, this book will dazzle and amuse you. If you never particularly liked or understood maths, Benjamin will enlighten you and—with a wave of his magic wand—turn you into a maths lover.

📒Secrets Of Mental Math ✍ Arthur Benjamin

â™ Book Title : Secrets of Mental Math
✍Author : Arthur Benjamin
â™›Publisher : Three Rivers Press
♣Release Date : 2008-06-03
âśżPages : 224
â™ ISBN : 030734746X
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Secrets of Mental Math Book Synopsis : These simple math secrets and tricks will forever change how you look at the world of numbers. Secrets of Mental Math will have you thinking like a math genius in no time. Get ready to amaze your friends—and yourself—with incredible calculations you never thought you could master, as renowned “mathemagician” Arthur Benjamin shares his techniques for lightning-quick calculations and amazing number tricks. This book will teach you to do math in your head faster than you ever thought possible, dramatically improve your memory for numbers, and—maybe for the first time—make mathematics fun. Yes, even you can learn to do seemingly complex equations in your head; all you need to learn are a few tricks. You’ll be able to quickly multiply and divide triple digits, compute with fractions, and determine squares, cubes, and roots without blinking an eye. No matter what your age or current math ability, Secrets of Mental Math will allow you to perform fantastic feats of the mind effortlessly. This is the math they never taught you in school. Also available as an eBook