📒Behind The Pen ✍ Khali Raymond

â™ Book Title : Behind the Pen
✍Author : Khali Raymond
â™›Publisher : YTER/x Surreal Dreamz Inc.
♣Release Date : 2016-10-01
âśżPages : 380
â™ ISBN : 9781370400607
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťBehind the Pen Book Synopsis :

📒Love Me And Bullshit ✍ Vivek Kumar Aggarwal,

â™ Book Title : Love me and Bullshit
✍Author : Vivek Kumar Aggarwal,
â™›Publisher : Sristhi Publishers & Distributors
♣Release Date :
âśżPages : 224
â™ ISBN : 9789380349541
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťLove me and Bullshit Book Synopsis : Vivek is an alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad. He has worked with top-tier banking and consulting firms and is currently setting up a media venture. Love, Me and Bullshit is his debut novel. Prior to this he has published a novella and a short story collection. Apart from writing, acting forms his other key interest. He is an active member of the theatre group Dramatech.

â™ Book Title : No More Bullshit please We re All Malaysians
✍Author : Kee Thuan Chye
â™›Publisher : Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd
♣Release Date : 2012-08-15
âśżPages : 405
â™ ISBN : 9789814382762
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťNo More Bullshit please We re All Malaysians Book Synopsis : Straight talk on Malaysian politics is what you get in this book. No mincing of words, no waffling. Direct and to-the-point. In other words, no bullshit. Writer Kee Thuan Chye is noted for his candid and honest commentaries on Malaysian politics; in these pages are his incisive interpretations of what is going wrong in Malaysia and suggestions of what needs to be done to correct the ills. He does not hold back his punches when he wallops the Prime Minister and some of his Cabinet members. He speaks out without fear or favour in interviews done with him by other media. From these and the poems and excerpts from his plays included here, you hear the voice of a Malaysian who cares enough for his country to speak up for its good. Among its contents are: ? Time to Repeal the Sedition Act ? The Sex Video Comedy and the Malaysian Malady ? Holy Cow! Minister Defends Protestors! ? The Man who Created a Culture of Fear ? The Beginning of Change in Sarawak ? Peanuts, Not Sweeping Reforms ? Spammed by the PM! ? What Will They Do about Racism Now? ? Should MCA Remain in BN? ? Najib and Gang Say the Darnedest Things ? Why is Perkasa Against Bersih 2.0?

📒Newport Wedding Belles ✍ Colette Harrington

â™ Book Title : Newport Wedding Belles
✍Author : Colette Harrington
â™›Publisher : Archway Publishing
♣Release Date : 2016-05-09
âśżPages : 280
â™ ISBN : 9781480830189
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťNewport Wedding Belles Book Synopsis : Sugar Lynn Limehouse is a feisty Southern belle desperate to save her family owned newspaper from going under. She invests everything into a Broadway bound play written by her best friend and award winning columnist, Tiffany James. The Boston debut will determine their future and ticket sales are dismal. On opening night, a chance encounter with billionaire Prescott Borden and his supermodel girlfriend changes their fortunes. Tiffany stumbles into the arguing couple headed out of their hotel suite. The pretty playwright is mistaken for the other woman by the notorious cover girl. All the tabloids have a field day with the fierce attack, caught by security cameras. Now they have the worlds attention and Prescott takes an interest in the head-turning writer. He charms Tiffany into allowing him to manage the media inquiries, with a hidden agenda of clearing his own name. Shes infatuated and agrees to attend the premiere together. Sugar is shocked. Her newspaper is at risk and hes bad news. Their charismatic personalities clash, while the sweet natured Tiffany tries to please both, to no avail. Their banter heats up and heightens the sexual tension simmering between them. Despite the disagreements, the show is a huge hit. The press loves the playboy and playwright pairing. Everyone expects favorable reviews, but instead a new video tape surfaces. One that will cause a tabloid frenzy and force the rivals to partner up in the most unexpected way.

📒151 Days ✍ James P Hassell

â™ Book Title : 151 Days
✍Author : James P Hassell
â™›Publisher : We Are The Apex
♣Release Date : 2015-04-14
âśżPages : 412
â™ ISBN :
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝151 Days Book Synopsis : When a geomagnetic storm results from a solar flare and coronal mass ejection the question isn't how did it happen, but how do you now survive? In a world without electricity, water, constant food sources, or even reliable shelter…how do you live? This is the question posed to a young man who finds himself stuck 700 miles from home. The best idea is to make his way there…or is it? Along the way he will encounter roving gangs of civil war reenactors, a church leading the way to rapture, cannibals, casinos powered by the debts of their customers, and the most dangerous of them all: Boy Scouts. James P Hassell is back at it with a cutting ability to throw our world into chaos and in the process expose the dark secrets of humanity that no one wants to face. His unflinching style in examining the darkest recesses of humanity is as disturbing as it is enlightening.

📒Shades Of Temptation ✍ Virna DePaul

â™ Book Title : Shades of Temptation
✍Author : Virna DePaul
â™›Publisher : HQN Books
♣Release Date : 2012-09-18
âśżPages : 384
â™ ISBN : 9780373776740
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťShades of Temptation Book Synopsis : When Special Investigations Group detective Carrie Ward is tasked with pursuing a high-profile serial killer, she must join forces with the one man she doesn't trust--Jase Tyler, a reckless senior detective who makes her heart race. Original.

📒Behind The Shades ✍ Clinton Heylin

â™ Book Title : Behind the Shades
✍Author : Clinton Heylin
â™›Publisher : Faber & Faber
♣Release Date : 2011-04-01
âśżPages : 928
â™ ISBN : 9780571272419
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťBehind the Shades Book Synopsis : In virtually all areas of Dylan's life - his immigrant antecedents, his business dealings, his various addictions and his romantic attachments - Heylin is able to provide a fascinating picture of a man who changed the whole course of popular music in the sixties and, over thirty years later, won three Grammys. Heylin has given full weight to Dylan's own words and those of his closest associates, with over 250 people quoted in the book, helping to provide a portrait of a complex figure. Including 60,000 words of brand new material - dealing with Dylan's four twenty-first century albums; his archival audio-visual projects; his third film; his series of paintings and exhibitions; his autobiography, Chronicles; and his ongoing romantic liaisons and 'missing' marriages - this fully updated story of Dylan provides a monumental overview of the Man and his Music.

📒Laugh Your Abs Off ✍ Tim Wilkins

â™ Book Title : Laugh Your Abs Off
✍Author : Tim Wilkins
â™›Publisher : BookBaby
♣Release Date : 2013-03-19
âśżPages : 110
â™ ISBN : 9781626754423
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Laugh Your Abs Off Book Synopsis : From fad diets to magic pills millions of Americans say they have tried everything to lose weight yet their bodies, and frustrations, continue to grow. Why can’t they seem to shed these unwanted pounds? For many they are constantly looking for an easy way out and most of these diets and supplements are beyond unrealistic; they are downright silly! The time is now for a book that offers to tone and tighten our abs by laughing, and learning, about the world of diet. As the fitness comedian, Tim Wilkins has written a book that is to the fitness industry what “Funniest Home Videos” was to its unsuspecting victims, a hilarious wake-up call. With chapters like: Take it off real slow, You are what you drink, Cut the cheese, and Cheat in Moderation, how can you go wrong. Big laughs and a smaller waist await! Whether teaching his motivational comedy show “What’s So Funny About Fitness,” giving healthy cooking tips as an award-winning TV Chef, or hosting live fitness events, Tim mixes his messages about eating lean with some fat laughs and feeds them to audiences starving for both.

📒Public Address ✍ Alexander P. M. van den Bosch

â™ Book Title : Public Address
✍Author : Alexander P. M. van den Bosch
â™›Publisher : Lulu.com
♣Release Date : 2017-12-28
âśżPages : 242
â™ ISBN : 9780244658069
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťPublic Address Book Synopsis : We are in the presence of a magnificent woman, Rita, we share some thoughts we hold dear together, we see that some just cannot hold that down.. and reject .. and connect (ag.)

📒Shadow Man ✍ Alan Drew

â™ Book Title : Shadow Man
✍Author : Alan Drew
â™›Publisher : Random House
♣Release Date : 2017-05-23
âśżPages : 368
â™ ISBN : 9780812989380
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Shadow Man Book Synopsis : What Dennis Lehane does for Boston, Alan Drew does for Southern California in this novel of psychological suspense about an idyllic community rocked by a serial killer—and a dark secret. Detective Ben Wade has returned to his hometown of Rancho Santa Elena in search of a quieter life and to try to save his marriage. Suddenly the community, with its peaceful streets and excellent public schools, finds itself at the mercy of a serial killer who slips through windows and screen doors at night, shattering illusions of safety. As Ben and forensic specialist Natasha Betencourt struggle to stay one step ahead of the killer—and deal with painful episodes in the past—Ben’s own world is rocked again by violence. He must decide how far he is willing to go, and Natasha how much she is willing to risk, to protect their friendship and themselves to rescue the town from a psychotic murderer and a long-buried secret. With fine, eerie, chilling prose, acclaimed author Alan Drew weaves richly imagined characters into the first of several thrilling novels of suspense featuring the California world of Ben Wade and Natasha Betencourt. Shadow Man reveals the treacherous underbelly of suburban life, as a man, a woman, a family, and a community are confronted with the heart of human darkness. Advance praise for Shadow Man “Recommend this one to fans of Michael Connelly, Tana French, and Dennis Lehane. . . . The Steinbeck-like passages about the vanishing cowboy landscape contribute to the novel’s power.”—Booklist (starred review) “Wonderfully imagined and wonderfully written, Shadow Man is everything a great thriller should be. . . . A home run.”—Lee Child, author of Night School “Shadow Man revises the old detective story and turns it in several fascinating directions. Alan Drew writes with precision, subtlety, and a streak of suspense that does not often color the literary novel.”—Colum McCann, author of Let the Great World Spin “Shadow Man is smart, chilling, and impossible to put down.”—William Landay, author of Defending Jacob “Always thrilling and often terrifying, Shadow Man is a descendant of Chandler’s The Big Sleep. Underlying the grisly dangers of Drew’s novel is the forceful honesty of all good California noir.”—Claire Vaye Watkins, author of Gold Fame Citrus “Shadow Man has everything I like in a novel: grit, heart, and nail-biting suspense. It’s the sort of magically absorbing novel that keeps you turning the pages and checking the locks on the door.”—Lauren Grodstein, author of Our Short History “In Alan Drew’s electric new novel, Southern California in the 1980s is so palpable it is almost a character of its own. An enrapturing read from its start to its unpredictable, enthralling finish.”—Daniel Torday, author of The Last Flight of Poxl West